spiralI’ve done lots of blog posts about my muse, the voices in my head, and the creative process in general.  But I just love this topic, so I’m blogging about it again.

As my friends and I talk about this subject, I have come to the realization that my process is a little unique.  I typically see and hear the entire scene that I am trying to write.  It plays like a movie in my head in amazing detail.  The problem comes when I try to write it down – trying to capture the emotions I see in words, or the scene in the detail that exists in my head.

I write and write, desperate to keep up with a muse that is relentless in her passion. 

This is true whether it is about writing a story, composing a sonata (which I did in my youth) or choreographing a show (something I did in college).  No matter what the endeavor, I am always playing “catch up to my muse”.

I recently had a conversation with one of my beta readers about this – and she reminded me of one of my favorite moves – Amadeus (told ya I was a total geek!).  In one particular scene, the confutatis scene, Mozart is dictating the Confutatis of his beloved Requiem to Salieri, who is scrambling to keep up.  It is a great analogy to my process – Mozart is the muse, and I, the writer, am Salieri – desperately trying just to keep up.

Some days its easy – but most days, I’m a mess with it!

Here’s the only YouTube clip I could find of this scene.  It is the perfect example of my process.

What about you guys?  How does your process work?


6 thoughts on “Ahhh…The Relentless Muse

  1. I really just have to sit down and commit myself to writing. I usually have an idea of where I want the story to go and what I want to have happen, but I rarely think about it too much. Mostly I just need to type.

    Yeah, that’s weird. I know.

  2. For me the answer is: in spurts. Sometimes I feel like I have so many things going on inside my head that I’ll never be able to get them all down on paper. Sometimes I’ve got nuthin’.

    When I have a lot of activity, I open the draft and put on the caps lock. Then I type up my ideas, the things floating around for that story. Then save, and done. Then when I’m ready to write again, I have the idea saved right in the document. Works for me!

  3. That is definitely not my problem. I don’t usually see the scenes before I write them either. I focus so much on the characters that the scenery often gets neglected.

  4. Oh my gosh! I used to have the cassette tape of the Amadeus sound track–one of my absolute favorite movies as a kid, too! We are such nerds :D!

    I’m jealous that your muse gives you whole scenes. Mine usually gives me a very detailed flash of action, like someone running through a tunnel with papers whipping all around them, and then I have to figure out why it’s happening and what all I saw.

    I think my muse just likes to mess with me :P.

  5. My brain works in much the same way, playing out each scene beforehand, which is why I have to write any ideas I get down on a piece of paper (if I’m not already writing). Otherwise I forget the ideas. The book I’m working on right now was relentless, and I could barely keep up, but it was so worth it!!

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