WIPHappy Wednesday everyone.  Man-oh-man, I’ve been struggling with time management ever since school started!  I mean, how am I supposed to handle work, family time, finishing the NF project, writing my WiP, critiquing for friends, writing blog posts for two blogs AND reading the blogs I’m trying to keep up with.  There really just aren’t enough hours in the day!

So…this is what my family and I came up with:  three nights during the week I write at night, 2 nights are completely off and I only write one day over the weekend.  I am finding that this helps me stay in balance better than doing a little writing everyday.

Now, I have only tried this great plan for a week – but I can say I am MUCH MORE productive!  I still don’t have enough time, and I have to prioritize what I do…but so far so good.

So what did I accomplish this week?  Here’s the list:

Emotionally Intense!  – This project is taking so much longer than I anticipated.  Fortunately my AMAZING crit buddies, Elana and Michelle, are regularly hounding me to focus and finish it.  The result –  I am well over 60% finished, and should be able to finish it completely the next couple of weeks (and yes, Michelle, more chapters are coming your way…)

Lacrimosa –  I love working on this story.  Something about it is so relaxing to me.  And yet, it is by far the hardest piece I have ever written.  I am happy to report that I have finally stopped the delete-fest and finished the first of three parts in the book.  I wrote about 3K on it – terrific considering the 5K or so I deleted. 

Chaos Trilogy –This is probably the next major thing I’ll work on in fiction after Lacrimosa.  I have completely changed the setting, age of the MC, writing style, etc.   so yeah, a complete rewrite of the first two books in the series are in order.  I love the storyline, so it is more than worth the effort.  I just consider the first two books a profound lesson in learning HOW to construct a story, how to work a novel through a critique group, how to foreshadow, how to build 3-dimension characters, etc.  I am actually EXCITED at the prospect of what the new book may turn into!

Other Projects  –  As always I have a million idea racing around in my head.  I am definitely writing another NF book once Emotionally Intense is completed.  I already know the topic, have started the research and outlined the proposal.  But, I told myself I couldn’t start it until EI is done.

In fiction-land, I have a totally cool idea for NaNoWriMo.  So I am desperately trying to finish Lacrimosa and EI first.  I am on vacation for part of November and want to get my word count in before I leave.

I bailed on a couple of August contests, and I honestly don’t know that I have time to do any in September.  Looking at my list of things I’m working on, I surely have enough to keep my busy for a very long time.

I have begun to put my blog for Emotionally Intense together, with the intent of launching it September 21.  The author and niche websites are next on the list…if I ever manage to find time for them!

Enough about me…

What did you work on?  And how do you find the time to do the things you want to do?


10 thoughts on “Time management and a little WiP Wednesday

  1. I’m kind of in awe over here… if I start more than one thing, my head actually catches fire, and I have to stop one immediately.

    You rock, Christine! 🙂 Congrats on your 3k for Lacrimosa!

  2. Holy crap! We are definitely monogamous writers…I don’t know how you work on more than one project at a time, but I’m so impressed!

    Our WIP is moving along nicely. We’re at 20,000 words, but they’re highly edited words, so that’s good. Will hopefully have the next section ready for our crit partner within a week or so.

  3. Funny, I was JUST thinking about this and how I am failing MISERABLY at it. I need a schedule. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re a pro! Good luck juggling your obligations and I’ll be sure to check out your blog more often-if I can find the time! 🙂

  4. Christine, I’ve come up with the perfect solution to the time related issue. I’m going to get Edward Cullen to convert me. It doesn’t even have to be a long term committment on his part. He’s happy married and so am I. But being awake 24/7 would solve the problem of not having enough time do everything in a normal day. Perfect solution, don’t you think? Okay, there might be a few new problems created by this, but at least I’d get more writing and reading and family time in, so I think it’s be worth it in the end. 😉

  5. I’m good at organization, but the absolutely most difficult thing about time management is balancing it with the needs of relationships. Why is it often so much easier to err on the side of work rather than people?

  6. You guys are allso sweet.
    Rebecca – don’t be in awe – I have taken YEARS to learn how to multi-task – and it only works for me in writing when I am talking about things as different as the NF project and fiction. i can not write two fiction projects at once. Like At.All!!!

    LiLa – Monogamous writer…LOL!!! love that phrase

    Georgia – I know, it is SO HARD to balance things

    Stina – Best solution Ev.Er….I would totally do that with you!!!

    Elana – Dude, like I would ever leave you out of the loop on something like that!

    KM – so darn true….

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