Welcome to another installment of WiP Wednesday.  I can’t wait to say I have finished something on one of these Wednesdays…sadly, that is not what I am saying today.  I have made modest progress…but nothing I am ready to shout out just yet.  Suffice it to say that my Lacrimosa characters keep running away with the plot and the nf project is more complicated than I expected.

But…I did say this was a “BONUS” edition of my Wednesday…so here is the bonus part.  While I was busy discussing plot and what not, two of my dearest writerly friends gave me some awards.

batman blog


Elana(forever known as E-Jamma) gave me the Batman Blogger award.  There were no rules, so I decided to just give it to Jessica Verdey in honor of her recent release of The Hollow!  (If you haven’t gotten the book – you have to…it is a great read!)





Michelle (known as Triple M Stack due to Elana’s recent post!) gave me the Splish Splash award.  No rules with this one either, so I am just going to give it to BJ Anderson  because I just like her blog a lot!!!



3D cover2



Be sure to check out this blog tomorrow when I will be interviewing the fabulous E-Jamma herself, Elana Johnson.  And also be sure to check out her new e-book From the Query to the Call, due to launch on 9/14.  It is a must-read resource for every aspiring writer!


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