Today was a day like any other – I woke up around 5am, checked my blog post for the day to make sure all was good before it automatically posted and started my VERY long day. 

I came home around 5pm, opened my email, read stuff, looked at my blog stats…nothing unusual.  Until I noticed it – the additional blog post that wasn’t written beyond the title…wasn’t supposed to post…wasn’t anything!

UUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  How on earth did that happen?  I checked it, made sure it wouldn’t post until later in the week when I actually had time to write it, etc.

So, of course I immediately deleted it, went to twitter and facebook to delete links to the post that wasn’t supposed to be, and shrank in my chair…horribly embarrassed! 

So – to those who came to the blog today, looking for a post about compelling the reader to turn the page…OOOPSSS – that is for another day! 



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