Happy WiP Wednesday everyone.  I have a ton of progress to report today.  Last week was an emotional roolercoaster for me, as I struggled with balancing work, family and writing.  As most of you guys already know, I have a crazy-busy life.  I tried writing on a schedule to help manage my time a little better.  It worked until my muse decided he didn’t like it and wanted to do his own thing (and yes, I said he…I decided my muse is male, but that is a story for a different post).  Balance went out the window as scenes for the storyline on my current fiction project bombarded me, driving me a little nutty.

But, on to progress…

Lacrimosa – I have written about 4K on this.  Though, to be honest, my crazy-busy day job has taken over again and I have not written in the last couple of days.  I’m sure my crit partners are going get me for that, considering I do not have the pages together for posting tonight. (I’ll get them done – I promise)

Emotionally Intense – I wrote about 7K on this and changed my deadline a bit, trying to have it finished by next week.  Hopefully, that will ctually happen.  I know my FANTASTIC agent-buddy and crit partner, Michelle, will make sure I do *wink*

Well, everyone, with me luck…I have an insanely busy work week. 

How about you guys?  Making progress?  How do you deal with real life business?


6 thoughts on “Wacky WiP Wednesday, Sept. 16

  1. My muse is crochety and refuses to work until 7:30AM or later. I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by, “Didn’t do his own thing” though. What do you mean? Did he do someone elses thing? Whose? *lost*

  2. I don’t know how you do it, Christine. I cheat by blogging once a week. Not ideal but oh-well.

    I finished the first draft of my YA contemporary novel on Monday. I sent off a requested ms to an agent who wanted to see it again if I did some major rewrites. And I’m now critting a novel for one of the members of my writing group. Busy busy busy.

  3. LOL! uninvoked – oops…looks like I left out a word or two!
    Elana – oh yeah, no one beats me on busy – at least not these past couple of weeks. Hopefully it’ll all calm down SOON!
    Stina and Lisa – Busy is Busy!!! I think we ALL go through it from time to time.

    Good luck with everything everyone.

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