I have been working hard to finish my nonfiction project, Emotionally Intense! Learning to Cope With Your Gifted Child’s OutburstsSince I have been knee deep in this for a while, I thought I’d share a little bit with you.  Now, this isn’t as fun as a fiction teaser – but at least you’ll know what I’ve been so busy with:

Your ten-year-old child is easy to raise – most days.  The rest of the time she is a handful.   A big handful.  A bit of an enigma, she possesses qualities of being both highly intelligent and completely ignorant when it comes to the mundane.  She can be funny and make everyone laugh while also being serious to the point of critical.  Her empathy runs high, as she cries at the commercials about global warming.  Yet she criticizes her friends that don’t hold her world view and often insists to you that her way is always the better way.  

Her grades in school are good.  But, her teachers complain that she is often sloppy in her work, makes stupid errors on the simplest of math problems and misspells basic words.  She often chooses the road less traveled in all aspects of her life, wondering why others don’t see that it is – at least to her – the easier way.  Often a joy to be around, your child’s moods can swing from one extreme to the other.  The unbalanced nature of these mood swings causes you to question her emotional stability – and your own. 

If you had to summarize her in one word, you would call her intense. 

Parenting your child often leaves you frustrated as you vacillate between feeling lucky to have such a great kid and cursed for having to deal with her emotions. 

Is she crazy? Are you? 

Neither is true.  You’ve just stumbled into the emotional world of gifted children and the drama of parenting them. 

This project is nearing completion, with a goal of finishing next week.  Then its on to the next nonfiction project.

What are you guys up to?


4 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Friday

  1. I know I’m supposed to be empathizing with the parent, but I’m not one, so I’m totally relating to the kid. 😀

    Great stuff, Christine! You’re on submission, right?

  2. Wow, I don’t know how you keep up with all of these projects, Christine. Working on fiction is time consuming as it is. I couldn’t imagine trying to write a non-fiction book as well. And let’s not forget your blog and all the critting you do. Whew! My head’s spinning just thinking about it.

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