Autumn LeavesHere were are, nearing the end of another month.  I always feel like the year zooms by after September.  In no time at all we will be taking about the Holidays.

But that isn’t what this post is about.  This is about the silly things I have learned over the past 30 days.

1) People love optical illusions.  So, having one in your blog results in a lot of hits to your site.  Not sure why, but it sure has been true for me.

2)  Elana and Michelle are the most amazing people in my writing world.  Not only to they keep me focused – not easy to do during the work week – but they are my “believers” (see Elana’s post on Believer’s) – along with Krista Goering, my agent.

3)  I love my job, but man it is so so so busy during September.  Thank goodness my October looks a little less crazy.

4) Starting a second blog is not as easy as it sounds – mostly due to the time constraints of writing the posts.  Never-the-less, my dream of a blog to help parents of gifted children is coming to fruition and launches on Monday, September 28.

5) My family provides a never-ending source of entertainment – It’s just not always the type of enterntainment I need or want.

6) I love the fall season.  But I would love it more if the temperatures would drop below 90 degrees.  Tell me again why I chose to live in a desert?

7)  I’m not into gangsta lingo (checkout Elana’s blog for my gangsta name).  But surf lingo…I can play there.  So in honor of all my surfing friends, a few of the more interesting surf names:

  • Brodie
  • Slade
  • Van
  • Hobie
  • Echo
  • Duke
  • Malakai

Any others you can think of?  Which name do you want?  I like Echo, personally.

8)  Housework can be dangerous work.  A few weeks ago I pulled my quad muscle…and it still hurts.  Seriously.

9) Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab is my answer to writer’s block.  It has forced me to write without editting…just writing.  If you’re not sure what this site can do for you, check it out and watch the video.  I love it.

10) I’m actually going to finish two projects before mid October – two HUGE projects:  Emotionally Intense! and Lacrimosa.  WOO HOO!!!

What have you learned in September?


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned this Month…

  1. I just tried out Dr. Wicked last night….it’s a little scary because I’m all about editing as I go, but I did pound out some really impressive wordage in a very short amount of time.

  2. Hi 🙂
    Thanks for Following me on Twitter.
    Congratulations on the blog beginning on Sept 28 for parents of gifted children. I love Write or Die too.
    All the best,

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