Colorful ConfettiToday is a big day…It’s the day I launch a blog I have been thinking about for years. 

You see, I started out a few years ago with a goal of writing a book for the parents of gifted children.  I wanted to bring a little comfort to parents who are often forgotten – parents whose children have unique needs as compelling as any group of unique individuals.  As a school psychologist, I have specialized in understanding the unique social and emotional development of gifted children.  And in my own education on this, I have discovered that these children, and their parents, are very misunderstood and completely underrepresented.

So I decided to write a book that mirrored the classes I gave to parents in my community.  

That was in 2006.  Along the way, I discovered a long forgotten love of writing fiction, wrote a couple of very mediocre novels, found a crit group and learned about the wonderful world of publishing.  What I did not do was finish the book I set out to write.

This past summer I decided it was high time I completed that goal.  So I sat down, wrote a few chapters of the book, outlined the rest, wrote a proposal and found an agent, the fabulous Krista Goering,  who believed in my work on this subject as much as I do.  Krista Goering’s faith in this project reignited my own, and I completed the manuscript last week.

Part of the dream to support the parents of gifted children involved the book.  But another part involved putting a blog together to provide a constant source of reassurance and information for both parents and gifted children. 

So today I launch Growing Up Gifted – a blog dedicated to gifted children and their parents.  I still have a lot to do to finish the site – pages to build, etc.  But go and check it out and tell me what you think.

And if you are a gifted adult, a gifted child, a gifted parent or know any one who is…be sure to tell them about it!


9 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here…

  1. My friend Janeyce sent me to your site via facebook. I think this is a great idea! I hope that you will not only focus on gifted children, but children with LD, too. I have a long story to tell, and it can best be told through reading my article, “Navigating the Storm: Advocating for your Special Needs Child” published at Iser (the link is on my website). I would be very interested in reading your bood – and have contemplated the same idea. Someday. I wish you the best with this. Truly, your insight will bless the lives of many!

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