birthday_candlesYep – Today is my birthday!  Most of my friends shy away from birthdays when you get to my age.  But not me.  Sure, I hate the idea of getting older as much as most people.  But for me, 40 really is the new 30.  In fact, 40 is SO MUCH better than 30.  I love being in my 40s – I love the freedom and wisdom that comes with age.

So, in honor of this fantastic day (which, incidentally, we call the unofficial start to the entire holiday season in my house – since we have many holidays, including my anniversary, the birthday of this blog, and the national holidays coming up)  I have decided to give YOU, my readers, something.

So leave a comment and I will enter you into a drawing for a fantastic gift bag full of books (YA of course), and other cool writerly things (pens, journals, reference books).  If you subscribe to my blog in a reader, through email or through facebook – tell me and you get an extra entry.  If you refer others to this blog, tell me and I will give you another entry as well.

And to support my new blog, Growing Up Gifted, I will enter you into this contest just for following that blog or referring others to it.  Again, just leave me a comment and I will tally up your entries.

The Contest ends on my BFF’s birthday, October 10.  I will announce the winner on Monday, 10/12.  So – get those comments in and lets see how many entries we can generate.

Come celebrate my birthday and enter the contest.  Thanks for stopping by!!!


23 thoughts on “A Birthday Present For You!

  1. Firstly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    *raises hand* oh! oh! oh! pick me! pick me! pick me!

    So let’s see … I follow you here, on FB and does Twitter count too? … And I follow Growing Up Gifted …

    I’m all about prizes, you know. Especially ones that have books in them!

  2. Happy Birthday, Christine!!!

    I just started following you in google reader a few short days ago, but super glad I did!

    Hope your day is fabulous!

  3. Well, I was going to wish you happy birthday anyway. This competition just gives me another reason too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    For extra entries, I follow you on here through ‘Blog surfer’ (I don’t understand RSS or anything else) and have just started twittering, so will go and add you there.
    Fingers crossed for me 🙂
    Have a great day

  4. I’m not there yet. (Okay I just hit 30… but I think you have a great attitude about age and I hope I’m just as happy about my 40s (I have a feeling I will be since I’m deciding now. Haha!) as you are.

    The holiday season feels the same way out our house. My husband’s birthday is just around the corner and both of my sons were born in December, one on the 23rd and one on the 28th. It’s a week long celebration! (They’re not going to like it much as they get older I hear…)

  5. Yay for your birthday!

    (Yay for books too. O:))

    I follow you here, on FB, on Twitter, and your Growing Up Gifted blog.

    Hope your birthday is full of cakes, warm memories, and happiness. 😀

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    And I’m following you on FB and Twitter, and your Growing up Gifted blog through FB. Cool contest!

  7. Have a great birthday, Christine!! 🙂 Also, thank you for sharing the love!

    It’s like in Lord of the Rings where the hobbits give other people presents on their birthday–a fantastic idea.

    I hope you have tons of fun today!

  8. *hands waving frantically* Me!!!!

    Happy birthday, my friend! I follow you on Twitter and, if I don’t already, I will on FB, too!

    Hope you had a fabulous day!

    Oh, and I FULLY support Growing Up Gifted. 🙂


  9. Happy belated birthday, Christine. It was my husband b-day yesterday, too.

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind being in her 40s. Each decade just gets better. Besides, with all the YA I read, I sometimes forget how old I am. You’re probably the same. I was shocked last year when my physician told me I needed a mamogram. All I could think was, “but isn’t that for woman 40+?” Oh, right. Me!

  10. Happy Birthday Christine,

    Yeah your right it is an incredible thing to be in your forties. I love knowing that when somebody is being mean it is because they have issues, I love that I don’t give a shit about what others think and most of all I love that all of my creative passions are coming to fruition.

    You may have fun reading my post titled, Loving My Forties

    And by the way, I am subscribed to your website by email.

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