nano_09_blk_participant_120x240_pngI did it…I registered for Nano this year.  I have participated the past two years – the first year I barely wrote 10K, and last year I finished.  I assumed I would participate this year – but I have not been feeling the love for my fiction lately.

You know how that is, right…those times when you want to take every story and through them out the window.  After a couple of rough writing sessions last week, that is exactly how I have been feeling.  The words are rough, the story is muddled and ….yeah….UGHH.

Feeling the way I have been feeling, I was ready to thrown in the towel with regards to NaNo and my fiction.

But, NaNoWrimo has helped me before.  Last year NaNo was the reason I continued writing.  After feeling a little beaten down by the realities of the publishing industry, I was able to loose  myself in a storyline and write with that amazing freedom that only something like NaNo could give me.  And after it was over, my motivation continued – allowing me to connect with the amazing writers I have found online, join a crit group, write another story, etc.

So, the question I decided to ask was not “Should I do NaNo this year?” but “Is there any reason NOT to do NaNo?”  Phrased that way, I could find no reason not to throw myself into the delicious world of free writing once again.  And the best part, both my 9-year-old and my 13-year-old are participating in the Youth version on NaNo…so we will be writing maniacs at our house.  I even arranged a couple of “write-ins” for the kids I know who are participating.

Are any of you guys doing NaNo?  My username is christinef   Find me and lets support each other through this process.


4 thoughts on “NaNo Countdown

  1. Your kids are doing it too? That is just plain cool! What a fun family affair! My husband will be doing triple duty through the month of November so I can join in. I’m so excited!

  2. I’m planning on it. I need to sign up, gear up and all that good stuff. I’ve been stressing out over writing something new, and it’s just time to put it down.

    And Nisa’s right. That is so cool that you’re kids are NaNoing too.

  3. Can’t fit it in this year. I just have too much going on with real life in November, and I’m in the middle of a WiP. But good luck to all y’all who participate. As far as I’m concerned, everyone “wins”.

  4. I’m not even sure I know what it is. I looked it up once but have forgotten what it all meant.

    I’m so enthralled with editing my WIP and pre-planning my next novel (not to mention critting other mss), I don’t have the time or inclination to take on another project. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will help you get back your fiction writing focus, Christine. 🙂 Good luck!

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