nano_09_blk_participant_120x240_pngNaNoWriMo is kind of the writer’s equivalent of running a triathlon.  I mean, cranking out 50K NEW words in a mere 30 days is no small accomplishment.  Especially since most writers have a hard time shutting off the internal editor enough to just write.

So, I was wondering…since it is like being an athlete, how do you prepare for this?  What “training” activities and preparation do you go through in order to ensure you’ll finish?

For me, I practice my “non-editting” writing skills with things like Write or Die, or writing exercises.  Shutting down my internal editor is hard, so I have to really practice this skill. 

I also carve out time to write…that way when November comes, I will be used to HAVING to crank out words.

I’m also trying to prep for the big event…plot, figure out setting and characters, and research. 

Not that I have done all of that just yet.  In fact, I am very stuck regarding the plot…so, my friends out there (you know who you are), be prepared for massive brainstorming sessions! Oh well…I have a  few more weeks…(she says, trying not to panic)

I guess I better get Lacrimosa finished, don’t you think!  AAHHHHHH!!!!

(breathing slowing….) 

How about you guys?  What are you doing to prepare?  Lay it on me…cause I need all the help I can get.


13 thoughts on “How do you prep for NaNo?

  1. Um…we’re not preparing. I know, I know, we should participate, but I’m hoping that we’ll be wrapping up our WIP in November. Maybe next year. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. Good luck!

  2. I love NaNo. Seriously, I’m wild about it.

    This is my fourth NaNo, and I realize that I don’t do well with an outline. I just sit at the keyboard and write, and miraculously they always seem to come together…except for the one that I outlined beforehand.

    The biggest preparation has to do with my family. They know that when November starts, nobody bothers mommy from 9-11 PM. If the kids wake up, my husband takes care of them. He is not to watch TV in the living room (where I write), because I’m easily distracted. I’m trying to get all of my stories finished and submitted before November, because there’s no way that I’ll be able to split my concentration like that. But mostly? I’m just really excited! 😀

    1. LOL! I love the idea of prepping the family. Fortunately mine is well broken in – since I hide and write pretty regularly already!!!

  3. I’ve only done NaNo one year. And I did nothing to prepare. In fact, I wrote a large part of the novel by hand. So yeah.

    This year, I’ve done way more. Like actually thought about my idea and the plot. I’ve got character notes and arcs I want to accomplish. I’m already thinking. And that’s what’s hard for me.

    I can only write what I know. And I usually go days in between writing because I need time to think. This is not so good for NaNo. So I need this thinkage time beforehand to be ready.

    We shall see.

  4. I am fascinated by this whole Nano thing. How many words do you have to write each day? One year I am gonna do this. It sounds like an incredible challenge. Good Luck!

    1. Based on a 30 day month, that would be about 1670 per day…very doable. Unless, like me, you procrastinate. Last year I basically wrote 30K in 1 week just to make it!

  5. Trying to outline. Finding I don’t outline well. Hoping my bad outline doesn’t work against me. Ahh, well. It isn’t about the writing right? It’s about the re-writing! haha

  6. Love this post. I’ve never tried it — and this year won’t be the year to give it a go, since I’m deep in my travel memoir — but I think it’s smart that you prepare. I imagine you get so much more out of the month that way! Hope you blog about it…

    1. Oh yeah – definitely plan to blog. Especially since I am a little nervous about it….I have no plot at this point. None. Nada. Zip. Fortunately I writer friends ready to help me brainstorm. THANK GOODNESS 😀

  7. You are so great! Take a deep breath! I have every confidence that you will finish Lacrimose and the NaNo will be great!

    Sine I’m writing a fantasy novel that’s not taking place in the current world I’m working on, I’m having to create an entirely new world with new magical rules. But I’m trying not to get distracted from my WiP! I’m too close and I want to finish it this week! 🙂 (Since last weekend didn’t work out.)

  8. LOL. All you NaNo’ers are doing what I normally do when I get ready to write a novel. I’m with Lisa and Nisa (*grin*) on this one. I’m almost finished editing my current WIP that I don’t want to stop working on it. Besides, my crit group and beta readers are getting impatient to read it. Maybe next year. 😉

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