dreamstime_5555091I registered for NaNoWriMo last week.  I blogged about it, tweeted about it, got other to do it.  And now, about 12 days away from the start, I am thinking “What the heck did I do?”

The problem isn’t the writing – the problem isn’t NaNo.

The problem is my muse.  I have an idea for a story floating in the space inside where words can not form.  It sits there, teasing me.  Showing occasional scenes that feel more like the intangible nature of a dream than anything else.

I have a sense of the main characters, the antagonist, the setting…but yeah, no plot.  None.At.All.

This could be a problem.

So, any suggestions on how to speed up my stewing process?  It took months before Lacrimosa was ready to be written.  I keep thinking that maybe once I finish Lacrimosa things will be different – ideas will come.

Man, I certainly hope so!

POST SCRIPT….Since I wrote this post on Sunday, I have gone in a completely different direction in terms of a storyline – and I am happy to report that I have a plot, characters, and a full story arc!!!  On to outlining!  WOOT.


9 thoughts on “NaNo Countdown and My Elusive Muse

  1. I’m glad to read the update at the bottom, about how you now have a plot! That’s wonderful, and a much better feeling than wandering aimlessly into the elusive story world. I’ve been there, too, for sure.

  2. That’s too funny! Maybe your muse just needed to vent a little and that freed your mind enough to progress! I’m so glad you’ve come up with what you want to do! That’s great!

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain! I always start with a character and a situation, or even worse, an ending, but then I have no clue what the actual story is ;). Oy.

    Congrats on finding your path! Good luck on starting NaNo!

  4. Hoorah for muses showing up at the last minute! I have no idea what we’ll write after we’re done with the WIP….let’s hope our elusive muse shows up at some point.

    1. I didn’t plan last year…and while I got the 50K in, I wound up deleting a lot of words and rewriting when I put the book through the first round of edits. I would really like to avoid that this time.

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