Fallen_angelNow that the first draft of Lacrimosa is almost finished (only a couple of chapters to go), and I don’t want to start anything new until NaNo, I am beginning to switch to full editing mode.  So I started thinking…what on earth does that even mean – editing mode.

For Lacrimosa, it has been through a thorough first round of edits with my crit partners.  I posted 15 pps weekly with them while it was being written  And I incorporated their ideas, suggestions, etc and polished as I wrote the first draft.  So, my first draft of this story is really more like a second or third draft.

So, what now?

Now, I need to read it through – from beginning to end.  Working in 15 to 20 pp increments makes for a problem seeing the larger picture at times.  So, before it goes to a new set of critters, I need to read it through, flesh out plot inconsistencies, and smooth transitions. 

I also plan on looking at pacing and the story arc itself.  This particular story is a very fast paced, read in a single setting, kind of story.  I want to ensure that there are no wasted words or scenes.

I also have to weave in some bigger elements – things I discovered towards the end of the story as being more important than I initially thought.

After that, it is off to my betas.  And I will put it through another series of edits.

I have one special reader I am saving for last – One last person to help me see if it is ready … you know, really ready to share with the world.

That is my process.  What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Editing, Editing, and more Editing.

  1. Oh my goodness, my process has been crazy :P. I think I’ve made at least five or six passes since I last thought my manuscript was “done.” I believe I’m on my last one now, where I’m dusting it off, incorporating the last changes, checking those changes to make sure I didn’t type something crazy ;), and then polishing the final edges.

    I’m so excited that you’re almost done with Lacrimosa! Squee!

  2. I do this sort of. I normally have a whole book written before I even send it to the first round of readers. So I don’t incorporate their edits as I go. In fact, it usually takes me much longer to even get to their edits, because I’m editing something else or writing something new.

    But I know one thing: the editing and revising are never done. There’s always one more thing I could fix/change/rewrite. It’s knowing when to stop that’s hard for me.

  3. Good luck! Editing is a bit like having a root canal. It takes care of the problem, but it’s not all that fun even though it makes everything wonderful in the end. 🙂

    I write the whole story and then go through a time or two to correct grammar and make sure everything makes sense and flows well. Then I send it off to a beta I’ve managed to lure in with shiny cookies that sparkle. Then I go through their suggestions and make–or make not–the changes. I think the most important step for me is letting it sit a month so I can look at it with newer eyes.

  4. Let’s see. I write the first draft. Then I take it through several rounds of editing using the book Manuscript Makeover (my writing’s improved since I started using this book).

    I’m current editing my ms using that cool voice technique Heather told us about this week on the QT blog. Wow, talk about amazing. I’m catching all kinds of typos, missing words, overwriting that I hadn’t noticed before. Then next week I’ll send it to my first critter (the toughest/most thorough of the group). Once she gets back to me (I’ll be critting hers in the meantime), I’ll edit it, then pass it onto the next critter. 😀

    There’re four of us in the group, so I should be ready to query in the new year (after I’ve given it some more distance first).

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