thanksgiving_turkey_2Can you believe the holidays are just about here?  I mean, seriously, I looked at the calendar yesterday and nearly fell off my chair…I am on vacation for Thanksgiving in two short weeks (In Hawaii…thus the picture.  I know, I know, it is a bit disturbing). 

By the time I get back, it’ll be December.   Close your eyes too long after that, and it’s 2010.


Now, while I do love the holidays, and I REALLY love going on vacation, it does through my whole “how to balance writing” thing out the window as I add more and more to the mile-long to-do list. For example, look at my writing to-do’s:

  • Reread ms for Emotionally Intense and work on revisions with editor
  • Finish revisions on new NF proposal and get to agent ASAP
  • Work on revisions for Lacrimosa and get to crit buds.  Goal, polished up by the new year
  • NaNo novel (yeah…I’m thinking not so much…)

And that doesn’t even include the mss I read and crit, my work schedule, etc.

Obviously, something has to give.  So, I decided I would have a “holiday” schedule for the blog and only post three times a week or so.  Of course, that is always subject to change if I get exciting news, or an urge to post more!

Please continue to come on by, leave me lots of comments.  And maybe we’ll have to do a contest or something for the holidays too!!!

How are you guys going to handle the increased craziness?


3 thoughts on “Holiday schedule…

  1. Holidays aren’t stressful for me because I do shopping well in advance and I keep things simple. Hawaii sounds like a great way to spend Thanksgiving!

    I also think it’s great that you know your limits and no what to cut out to stay above water. Good luck!

    1. well…thanks….most of the time I know my limits. But usually only after I’ve swallowed a little too much water! *hugs*

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