Hey guys…how’s NaNo coming along?  Before I talk about my NaNo experience for 2009, I thought I’d share a bit of what my children have written for their NaNo novels, as well as a little of mine…all in the hopes of motivating me to write a little more:

Erika’s (My 9-year-old) Nano novel – a children’s or MG story about an octopus that has become a human girl.

“Well, what are we supposed to do about my missing tentacle?”  I asked after a section of silence.

“You could go on a voyage.  Try to find it,” Cacie suggested.

“Yeah, but I don’t even know where it lies.  How am I supposed to find it?”

“Um, it’s called clues!” The twins, Layla and Lielak smirked.

“Oh, well sorry!” I yelled back.  With a roll of my eyes, I turned around and faced my father.

“I have the first clue,” he said.

Fabiana’s (My 13-year-old) Nano Novel – A MG story about George Washington, the Revolutionary War and some very bad wizards

Dec 1776:  It is Christmas Eve and I sense magic in the air.  Dark magic.  It rides on the weather itself.  A Blizzard.  The men are not going to like it.  Blizzards are famous for their fondness of freezing men.  I must be ready.  

My Nano Novel, Broken Wings a YA story:

I stare out the window on the third floor.  The rain comes down in sheets.  Again.  It hasn’t stopped since I got here.    The sounds of voices from the group behind me muffle into my ears.  They’re meaningless to me.  I’m too lost in the thoughts of my parent’s visit.

It’s been seventy-two hours since they sent me to this God forsaken place.  Seventy-two  hours since they found me cutting.   Seventy-two hours since they tried to end my journey into hell.

Too bad there’s no way out.

I see their car as it circles the drive.  They’ve come to take me.

Dr. Whatever will talk with them – tell them how to treat me.  Help me recover. He’ll arrange a follow-up with some other doctor at home.  He’ll teach them how to make sure I never cut again.

Then he’ll want to talk with all of us.  He’ll expect me to talk about recovery.  Like that’s ever going to happen.

So, now that you’ve gotten a nibble..here is the reality of NaNo in my house.  Both girls have been diligently writing.  But, neither think they will make their goal.  They are going to try to get some more words in while we are out for Thanksgiving Break…but yeah, we’ll see.

As for me…my RL and writing life became quite busy since starting NaNo.  As a result, I KNOW I won’t hit the 50K mark.  But I have an outlined story (well – sorta outlined), and a few words I like…so it is something  will get to work on later in 2010. 

After my last WiP gets revised.

After my NF project gets polished for publishing.

After my new NF project gets polished for agent.

(and not necessarily in that order.)

How about you guys?  Hows NaNo coming along?


5 thoughts on “NaNo fun…maybe!!!

  1. Your kids’ novels sound so great! I’m a big history fan and I love magic so the mention of George Washington and fantasy had me hooked!

    Keep working on yours! That’s what matters!

    I’m really behind too. I’m at 19k. Not sure I’ll finish…

  2. Yours, Christine, has my attention. Good luck with it!

    I’m humming along nicely with my NaNo project. Oh wait! I’m not doing one. 😀 But I’m almost ready to start the first draft of my newest project. I plan to start writing it in the new year (maybe sooner) when I query my current WIP. I’m almost ready to query it but we’re about to hit the busy holiday season so I figure I’ll wait. Might as well. I’ll consider it practice for when I really am waiting to hear back from agents.

  3. Wow! Your kids are awesome writers! Give them a pat on the back from me please.

    Keep pushing forward with yours. I don’t know how you find time to work on new stuff while you’ve got RL and other projects cooking on the front burner.

    Good for you!

    (I think I might make it. 28,500 words and counting!)

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