So, as many of you know I am knee-deep into edits for Lacrimosa.  The rough draft was finished a month ago, and I edited through my crit group as I wrote…so the rough draft is a little stronger than a typical rough draft. A little…

But now that it is in the hands of betas – and they are appropriately shredding and helping find the holes – I am getting the “fresh eyes” I need to see the story from a new perspective.  So, with the help of my best writerly buds, I’ve set some lofty goals and deadlines to get this baby polished up and in the best shape I can!!!

Thanks Betas and crit buds…without you, this would b a whole lot harder…but more on that in a later post.

For now I have a question for you guys – How do you get the perspective you need to do a good job with edits after burying yourself into your WiP?  Betas?  Time?  Lay it on me!


5 thoughts on “Fresh Eyes

  1. Both! I give it to my husband to read for the first round of shreddage, then let it stew, then go over it myself, then time, then betas… I’ve been blessed with a lot of readers who have been AMAZING, including you! 😉

    Best of luck with Lacrimosa, and I’ll try to read faster ;).

  2. I agree with Rebecca. Both is the best. I’ve found that I am far more objective about critiques if I’ve let the story cure for a bit after I’m finished, letting time coat it over and distance me from it. Then it’s off to the betas!

  3. Hmm, all of the above! Also, prayer, lol. No, seriously. I’ve had many moments of wonderful inspiration during prayers. Ways to get me over a hurdle in my story.

    Also, time.

    I try to take a bit of time away to write something totally different, or submerge myself into a great book. Anything that drives the problem child from my mind for a while.

    Then when I go back to work, I’m able to do so with more patience and fresh eyes, like you said.

    Isn’t it wonderful having awesome crit buddies and people who are willing to read – and make helpful suggestions? LOVE them.

  4. Both. Plus reread books that I admire and start working on a new project.

    I have one crit buddy who’s amazing. I didn’t know her when I was working on my last book. She found me on Absolute Write because we had a partial out with a dream agent and the wait was long. Six months long. She has since joined my crit group. Her feedback is both honest and amazing. We also like the same books, which also helps. I know my current wip is strong because of her. 😀

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