Happy Friday everyone!  It’s blog chain time again.  Mandy asked:

How do you prioritize? How do you balance paying attention to your writing, critiquing for friends, spending time with your family and earning a living?

What a great question!  I did a blog post on this a few weeks ago.  In that post I talked about the craziness in my life – all of the things I am involved with that both enhance and complicate my life.  Basically I work a 40 hour a week job (on a mellow week), spend 30 hours or more on the craft of writing (and building my platform), am involved in my kid’s lives, have a great marriage, meditate daily, try to work out, and enjoy leisure time. 

The only way this happens…


I learned a long time ago that certain things MUST be part of my life if I am going to stay in balance:

  • I must meditate daily
  • I stay in better balance if I eat healthy, sleep at least 6 hours, and exercise – daily (This is the hardest one for me)
  • I must write consistently – it provides a creative outlet that I need as much as I need air
  • I must take the time to “play” every day – and its even better if my play time is with my family

Everything else are things that I want to do…things I like to do….things that every day life requires (cleaning, paying bills, etc).

For me, the key is in doing what I must, establishing goals for my life and asking this essential question when prioritizing the rest of my to do list:

Does this activity move me in the direction of my goals?

If it does – great.  If it doesn’t, it goes to the bottom of the list.

One last thing makes this all work for me…and it is something I talked about in my previous post on this subject.  I do my best to live in the moment.  I know, I know…it sounds trite.  But really, if I can live 100% in the moment – focusing deliberately on what I am doing at the time, and not allow my brain to run amuck worrying about other things, I am able to accomplish an amazing amount of work each and everyday.

So, to sum it up –

  1. I know the things I MUST do everyday
  2. I know my life goals – everything other than the MUST dos are weighed against my life goals and prioritized from there
  3. I life in the moment as often as possible – choosing to deliberately focus on what I am doing as often as I can.

If I do these things, I stay in balance, the relationships in my life thrive, and I accomplish a lot.

Check out one the most amazing writer’s I have ever had the pleasure to read – the amazing Kat before me, and the ever-incredible Bonnie tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Blog Chain: Making Time For It All….

  1. Nice response. You sound way more organized and prepared for your day than I ever am. But hey, that seems to be working well for you. I am with you though, about how how hard it is to remember (or get around to) exercising. Sigh…

  2. Me? Teehee…*turns 10 shades of red*

    Living in the moment and not wasting precious energy worrying about things that may not happen are HUGE!

    I wish I knew of a better way to turn off my internal worry machine. (Well, other than large doses of Ativan.)

  3. Taking care of yourself can be the hardest thing to do sometimes, especially when you’re busy taking care of others. But if you don’t do it, everything falls apart. Now if my son would just let us sleep….

  4. Uh, that should have read, “there’s a lot to be said for daily meditation and exercise.” This is what I get for reading blogs while also mentally considering what I have to do/buy this week.

  5. Great post Christine!

    I learn something every single time I visit your blog. You have a great way of offering advice and instruction without actually “teaching”! It’s awesome! I feel like I get a brain boost whenever I read your posts!

  6. awesome post! Your list are things I try to do as well. Sometimes I do better at it than others 🙂 But I especially try to live in the moment because if I don’t, all those “future” things can just really bog me down. I keep my eye on the future, but try and focus my energy on the “now.” 🙂

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