Yep, that’s right…I did not finish NaNo.  Normally I am overcome with guilt when I don’t reach a goal.  But, not this time.

This time I understand the reasons why I fell a little short.

You see, my NaNo Novel was just not ready to be born.  It needed more stewing time – more time to percolate before I sat to write it.  I am completely confident that the story will get written eventually – just not quite yet!

I did manage to get a lot of other stuff finished over the month of November.  here is the brief list of what I managed to do:

  1. Finished the book proposal for NF Book #2 and get it to super agent
  2. Got part of Lacrimosa out to readers and began working on the rewrites – a project I am trying to complete by early December (at least for this round of edits)
  3. Read a couple of books for pleasure – that is right…PLEASURE!  I know, I know, many of you guys do that all the time.  But it is hard for me to fit it in during crazy busy times of the year (which November was)
  4. Critiqued three manuscripts
  5. Kept up with my blogs…sort of

All in all, not a bad month.

So, am I happy that I did not finish NaNo…for me, it was fine.  Because what DID get accomplished was wonderful!

How did November end up for you guys?

Head on over to my other blog and check out one of the many reasons  I love having my kidlets participate in the NaNo Young Writer’s program…great PepTalks from authors!


6 thoughts on “A funny thing happened in November…or, why I did not finish NaNo

  1. Hi Christine,

    I am with ya! I didn’t hit 50k either, but I am pleased with my 32k. I had fun and learned a lot.

    I was worried at the beginning of the month that I would torture myself to finish because I’m not a ‘quitter’. But I didn’t quit, though I knew I’d never reach the Nano goal. And now that it’s over, I have found that I don’t NEED to be perfect. AND I have found exactly what I need to add to my first novel to make it work.

  2. Congrats, Christine, on your November accomplishments.

    Let’s see. I finished my YA novel, Lost in a Heartbeat. Did revisions on it based on feedback from two crit group members (I’m waiting to hear back from someone else on my newly revision ms). Polished my query. And critted two other mss. Whew! What a busy month.

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