WOW!!!  It has been forever since I did any form of a Teaser Thursday.  But, what the heck, right?

So, as you guys know, I have been knee-deep in edits for my current project, Lacrimosa.  I have a couple of fabulous betas that gave some terrific feedback so know I am working on polishing and revising before the next round of edits.

Part of my editing process involves working on the query and making a book trailer of sorts.  Both force me to focus on the central themes of the story and figure out the snippets th story needs to focus on. 

Now, the first few versions of the trailer are usually just music and words- no pics.  Those come later…usually a lot later.  For Lacrimosa, the process of working on the trailer has been similar:  I found great music, added a few important words and voila…thebeginnings of a trailer.

For Teaser Thursday I thought I’d share the trailer with you guys…in the hopes that it motivates me to finish my edits.  My goal – this round complete by 12/15.  (man-oh-man…that is only a week and a half away!)

Okay – okay….here is the trailer (of sorts).  What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday!

  1. I get all the music for musc trailers from This particular piece is called Spirit of Light

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