I decided I was overdue to sing the praises of my crit partners…You see, my crit group took a few months off.  And I have to say – I hate it!  Not that I have anything to work on with them at the moment.  But I hate not having to post for them weekly.  And I miss reading their 15 pages every week.

So yeah, I hate it.

My crit partners have become a crucial part of my writing process.  They tell me when I’ve lost my mind.  They force me to stretch further than I thought I could in order to perfect the story I am working on.  They ask the questions I can’t see.  They reassure me when I am too close to the project to see its merits.

In short – they provide the perspective necessary to perfect the story.

And without them, I would be lost.  Or at the very least, I would NOT be the writer I am today.

So, to Elana and Michelle (the greatest crit partners on the planet), my Betas (you guys know who you are), and my reader test market group (my YA audience that gets to read just before my agent), I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Thanks for everything!

What do your crit partners mean to you?


7 thoughts on “Crit Partners – more necessary than air!

  1. I love my crit partners too! They always go above and beyond, and I have grown so much because of them. There are even a couple who I consider to be close friends, even though I’ve never met them in person. Great post!

  2. Very, very true! Crit partners are wonderful at tough love, and they help make that MS shine far better than I ever could on my own. I love that the Internet allows us to connect with such awesome people that we would never have met without it. 😀

  3. They mean the world to me! Crit partners and the betas I’ve found (and finally got to meet) have been fantastic and as we’ve gotten to know each other I am amazed at the wonderful friends I’ve found!

  4. Oh, wow, I could go on and on about critique partners. There aren’t words to describe how dear they are to me.

    Even though they make me bleed, I love them! So thanks guys!

  5. Some of my crit partners are great and give wonderful feedback (not necessarily the feedback I want to hear). Whereas other’s only come out when they want you to crit something. But that’s okay. Fortunately we were all ready at the same time to crit our novels. I have one crit partner and one beta reader with whom I communitcate with several times a day. They’re my cheerleading section, and vice versa. I don’t know what I would do without those two girls. 😀

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