Today is my favorite day…not because it is Friday.  And not because Christmas break is a mere four working days away….

But because I get to say amazing things about two of my favorite people. 

First – a quick Happy Birthday shout out to my favorite online buddy, my crit partner, and an amazing writer in her own rite – Elana Johnson.  HAVE THE MOST AMAZING DAY EVER….YOU DESERVE IT!

Now, the purpose of this actual post – singing the praises to my agent, Krista Goering.  It started with a bunch of authors getting together and deciding to make today the Unofficial Agent Day – an opportunity to thank one of the most important people in our lives…

I got the email about it from a friend and took all of a microsecond to decide “HECK YEAH, I AM SO GOING TO SING KRISTA’S PRAISES!”

I found Krista Goering through some friends and the QT website.  I really wasn’t certain I could get an agent for my NF book.  I mean, the niche I write for is pretty small…who would want to be part of that?  Right?  But my crit buds and others encouraged me to try – nothing ventured, nothing gained, and all that!

So, I queried.  She requested.  And the rest is history. 

After signing with her in August, we immediately went on submission.  She kept in regular contact with me, gave great advice on things and encouraged future projects.  After we signed Emotionally Intense (Prufrock, 2011), we went to work on the next project.  It has been an amazing ride!!!

Throughout the entire process, she has kept me motivated, stayed in touch, offered amazing guidance and been everything I could want in an agent.  AND MORE.

So on today, the Unofficial Agent Day, I want to tell the world how amazing Krista Goering of  The Krista Goering Literary Agency is!!!

Thanks,Krista…for everything!

Hop over the Elana’s blog for a great list of othr agent appreciation posts, and Lisa and Laura’s blog for even more.

Have a terrific weekend!!!


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