Hi there everyone!  Saturday marks ONE YEAR since I started this blog.  WOW…a whole year!   And WHAT a year it has been!!!  Here’s the abbreviated list of the things I learned about blogging:

  • Blogging is fun, but really tiring.  I work a lot of hours for my day job, so finding the time to blog is a bit of a challenge.  Still, I like it.  A LOT
  • The best part about blogging is discovering other great writers out there.  I have found SO MANY amazing blogs.  I really can’t keep track of them all.  And even though I don’t comment nearly as much as I probably should, I read at least five different blogs every single day.
  • Finding things to blog about = hard.  I mean, the minute I decided to blog more than once or twice a week I knew I was in trouble…what on earth was I going to write about.  Hopefully most of my blogs have some value to someone.
  • Starting a second blog was…INSANE!  I love my other blog.  I get to write about different kinds of things.  But man oh man…It is so hard to manage both.  I fear I neglect my other blog way too often.
  • All in all….this has been an amazing ride.  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT YEAR!!!!
  • And now – the stats:  Over 17,500 visitors this year, and more than 1400 comments.  Not as good as some; better than others; fascinating to me.  I mean, if you had asked me a couple of years ago if I would have a blog, make online friends, participate in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and I would have said NO WAY…clearly I was WRONG.

In honor of  the blog’s upcoming anniversary, I am having a comment contest.  The prize  – a mystery pack of YA books and other cool writerly things you are gonna love!

Here are the deets on the contest:

  • Leave me a comment and I will enter you into the contest
  • Talk about it on your blog, and I’ll give another entry – just leave me the link.
  • Subscribe, follow me on twitter, friend me on facebook and you get more entries (Just be sure to tell me in the comments)
  • Follow my other blog, Growing Up Gifted, and you get another entry.

Easy, right.  The contest runs from Today (12/14) through Sat (12/19 – the official anniversary day).  I’ll announce the winner on Monday (12/21).

Thanks everyone, for making this an amazing year.  I am 100000% certain I woud not have my agent, the book deal, the friends, or my sanity without each and every one of you!!! 


12 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary Contest…

  1. Happy Blogoversary!!! This is one of my Must Read Blogs every day :). YAY!

    Do we get points for already following you on twitter/facebook? 😉

    Thanks for the cool contest and the love!

  2. Hooray for Christine! Congrats 😀

    And yeah, it is way hard to find stuff to blog about everyday. Glad to hear about the anniversary!

    P.S. We’re already friends on twitter & facebook!

  3. Yea! Happy anniversary! So glad I found your blog! And I’m already following you on all those places (except twitter and I may break down and get myself a twitter account too). You’re just so fun and knowing all that you juggle and do is motivating for the rest of us!

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