Happy Wednesday all.  I have been in the midst of holiday cheer.  My parents are in town, my girls and I are making holiday bears (long story…I will share pics at a later time), we’ve been baking, sending cards and prepping for all the festivities.

WHEW.  Made me tired just typing this!

Needless to say, writing time…not so much.  That being said, I did get a lot done over the weekend.  And I did get good news about a NF project from my agent this week.

So, a recap of my current projects:

  • Lacrimosa – this is being revised as we speak.  Hungry betas are anxiously waiting for my pages (promise…I’ll be done with the section by Friday)
  • NF Projects – as you know, Emotionally Intense has been sold.  I have two other NF books (both related to gifted students) in various stages of completion

And yeah, that’s it – more than enough to keep me very busy.

Over my holiday break, I will be finishing up Lacrimosa, planning out a trip in the Spring (I hope.) related to one of my gifted projects,  and spending some much needed time with family.

What have you guys been working on???

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Working on…

  1. Hungry betas are anxiously waiting for my pages

    For some reason, betta fish popped into my head when I read this sentence. 🙂

    You are a powerhouse. I’d like to know how you stay so organized.

  2. Wow you are busy. I was polishing my first chapter. Again. Now I’m happy with it. And I tinkered with a scene I wasn’t thrilled with. Fortunately, I entered it in the MSFV Drop the Needle crit, and most of the feedback was helpful. Okay, I’m not sure why one person was going on and on about an amulet when there wasn’t one in my story. My story isn’t even a fantasy, so I was really confused with that comment.

    And now that I’m happy with my novel (for now–until I start getting paranoid as I query it), I can focus on my new WIP. Yay! 😀

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