Yeah – no new post today.  Why, you ask?  Well, I had a dinner party for 16 last night (after working all day) – don’t get too impressed.  My Mom did all the cooking while I worked.

But, I did manage to get 12 teddy bears finished for my girls friends.  These were a joint project – they cut them out, id a lot of the hand sewing and I did the machine sewing (due to time constraints).  Pretty Cute, aren’t they?  At least I only have one more day until break!

What have you guys been up to during this busy time?

And don’t forget…there are only 2 more days to enter the blogoversary contest!


7 thoughts on “Why I have no new post…

  1. Elana – you’re one to talk with that amazing cake!! My “goddess” skills end with cake decorating – trust me.

  2. Um…isn’t this a post? 🙂 Just checking.

    The bears are cute. My favorite is the blue one.

    You’re very talented. I’m lucky to sew on a button without poking my fingers.

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