Christmas has been a big deal in my house for as long as I can remember.  My mom was a single parent through most of my childhood.  She worked tirelessly to keep a roof over our heads.  And yet, at Christmas, she always managed to make things even more special – no matter how tired she was.

We made amazing Christmas crafts together, decorated every inch of the house, and enjoyed special dinners for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Through the years, I racked up a million happy memories of the holidays.

And amongst them, this one stands out most of all…

I was only six or so, and my mom had a craft booth in a local Renaissance faire to make a little extra money for us.  She made these cool shadow boxes depicting scenes from Winnie the pooh – all made from natural products – seed, shells, etc.  The faire ran every weekend the from December 1 through Christmas Eve. 

Most of the time, I was not allowed to go to the faire.  But one Friday night, Mom let me come.  My guess, I had pestered her enough that she finally gave in.  She walked me around this huge faire full of crafts, people in cool costumes, and delicious English treats.  I felt like I stepped into London during the height of the Renaissance period.

After we walked around, mom opened her booth.  She took me to a child care area where I was supposed to wait for her. 

Yeah, I didn’t quite do that…

On that same night, four soloists from the famed Robert Shaw Chorale performed throughout the faire.  They even came to the child care area and gave us a private show.  One of the singers, a girl named Kate, had the most beautiful voice anyone could ever image.  She was a soprano and I just knew she had to be an angel.  After all, no human could possibly sound like her!

I listened to her throughout the performance, letting everything else fade away.  She captivated me.

And when the performance was finished, and the singers were going to stroll around the faire and sing…I followed her. 

Did I mention I was a bit of a precocious kid???

At any rate, I spent the rest of the evening following the chorale singers around the entire faire.  When they finished singing, she walked me to my mom’s booth.  Needless to say, my mom was FREAKED out.  Apparently she had gone to collect me – only to find out I was missing.


My mom thanked Kate and the singers turned to leave.  But before they could, I grabbed her skirt.  “Don’t leave yet,” I said.  “I have a present for you.”  I quickly took off my favorite bracelet (one given to me by my grandmother) and gave it to Kate.  She tried to protest, but I made it very clear that she was going to take the present.

And then she left.

The next night was Christmas Eve.  Mom worked the faire and I stayed with a family friend until she got off. 

The next morning I ran to see if Santa had come  – just like always.  In my stocking was a present wrapped in different paper than everything else.  It was a beautiful mosaic pin.  The card read:

“Merry Christmas to my little angel.  Love, Kate.”

Although I never saw her again, memories of her gift – her voice – stay with me.  To this day I listen to Christmas songs by the Robert Shaw Chorale and am certain that I can hear the angelic sounds of own Christmas Angel.

What’s your favorite memory of the season?

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Memory

  1. What a beautiful post! Very special. I’ll be posting on this soon so I won’t leave my favorite memory here. Thank you for sharing yours though. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    1. Thanks – I do have a great Mom…to this day we are great friends; something I am trying to cultivate with my own girls. Have a great holiday season Kate!

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