This was SO HARD – limiting it to a mere 5.  I mean, seriously, there are SO MANY to choose from.  But, here you go – an amuse-bouche of my fav websites and blogs to help writers:

Wow – this was so hard…because truthfully, almost every agent, editor, publisher blog I read, as well as the majority of writer blogs, have given great advice over the year.

What are your favs?


7 thoughts on “Favorite websites and blogs to help writers

  1. Ditto for me on the Plot Whisperer. Never heard of it before.

    I love the QT blog, and I just discovered It’s Mary Kole’s blog (agent at Andrea Brown literary), and has all kinds of great advice for writers of YA and kid lit. She even reviews books from both the reader and writer perspective.

  2. I can’t wait to take some time and really check out the links you’ve listed here – I’m familiar with Nathan Bransford, but the other links are completely new to me. They sound great, and so helpful – thank you for posting!

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