I am on all sorts of different list servs…and one of them happened to send these great questions for the new year.  Developed by Gary Ryan Blair, an amazing motivational life coach and author of Everything Counts, these 20 questions really helped me analysis 2009 and get ready for 2010.

Go check them out for yourself by clicking here.

I changed them a bit to apply to my life as a writer.  Let me know what you think! 

This is my last post until January 4, 2010.  Until then…HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Oh!  And some exciting news for 2010 – I finally developed a website.  I will be unveiling it and a make-over for both blogs in the New Year.  See you then!!!


3 thoughts on “Focusing on 2010

  1. Those were great questions. Especially his last one and the answer to it. Thanks for posting it. It’s a lot to contemplate. Have a wonderful New Year’s and my best wishes for 2010!

  2. Those are some great questions. I bookmarked it so that I can go back to them. They’ll help both with writing and with my day job (selling books to libraries.) Thanks for this, and hope you have a great 2010!

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