Hi everyone!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.  As for me, I spent the time hanging out with my family, getting caught up on some real life chores and playing with my stories.  I did manage to finish this round of revisions for LACRIMOSA.  I also began to plan out my January projects and discovered that I am going to be very very busy!

The most exciting thing I did over the New Year break was to redesign my online presence.  The remodel consisted of:

  • A new website – check it out
  • A new look for this blog – do you like it?
  • Facebook Fan Page for my upcoming book, Emotionally Intense – check it out. I plan to customize it a bit before the month is over.
  • Facebook Fan Page for me as an author – Christine Fonseca, Author – You like?
  • A new look for my blog Growing Up Gifted – thoughts?
  • And updated pages for all of it.

My site still needs a few elements…but I was excited to show it off to the world.  So, what do you guys think?

How did you spend your holidays?  What kind of online presence to you try to build?


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