It has been a very long time since I wrote a WiP Wednesday post.  But, since I haven’t really talked about my current projects, I decided it was more than overdue.  So, here is a run down of my current writing projects (and yeah, as usual there are too many!)…

Nonfiction – As you guys know, I sold Emotionally Intense to Prufrock Press.  The manuscript is complete and soon to be in the hands of my fabulous editor.  In the meantime, while I wait for copy edits, etc, I have two new nonfiction projects in the works.  The first, Growing Up Gifted, is an advice book from gifted kids to gifted kids.  Click here to read an excerpt.

The other project, Supporting Our Gifted Youth, focuses on the third piece of the gifted puzzle – educators.  This book has specific tips to help all educators, including teachers, administrators, and support personnel, enhance and support the social and emotional needs of this unique population.  I am currently finishing up my outline and sample chapters for this book.

Fiction – I have been absorbed in another round of revisions for Lacrimosa.  It is really polishing up nicely and I am pleased with it.  Of course, it would be nothing without my amazing Beta readers – so thank you guys…you know who you are!!!  Click here to read the first chapter. 

I have been very itchy to write something new – either a continuation of the NaNo novel that I did not finish (a YA contemporary piece about cutters), or something new (a YA urban fantasy that is kinda cool).  I promised a crit buddy I would have something new in the Spring…so yeah, I will begin working on it after I finish this round of revisions on Lacrimosa.

That is more than enough to keep me busy for the month!  I will update progress periodically – when there is actually something to say!!!  What have you guys been up to?


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