So I’ve watched the new Vlogs for the YA Rebels – and let me say that if you DON’T watch them, you totally should – and they did this 5 random question thing.  I loved it…so much so that I decided I would answer 5 random questions for you guys…(and ask you to do the same!)

Random questions or things:

1)  Most unusual ot interesting job I’ve had

I worked in the modeling industry for a while and was a hair model.  I had to let people do all sorts of bizarre and sometimes cool things to my hair and then strut around with my outlandish styles.  Now, I have had more usual jobs, but yeah – that is the only 1 I am disclosing!

2) Childhood Memory related to writing…

Like many kids, I had imaginary playmates.  Well, one particular playmate had a very unusual name.  SO unusual that it surprised my Mom (I have no idea what it was).  One day, my mom and I were at  restaurant and a mother called her child by the same name.  My mother was shocked, so she started talking to the woman and her kid…turns out the child lived across town in the EXACT house I told my mom that the imaginary friend lived in.  Weird, huh….needless to say, this concept/story remains in my file of potential story ideas…

3) Things I collect

I LOVE shells.  Not just any kind of shell – but unusual or rare shells (gastropods, preferably).  And yeah, I was such a fanatic about them that I used to catalogue them (the way museums do), clean them, etc.  I was an avid collector.  I stopped in HS, but I still have my most favorite and treasured shells – complete with their catalog cards!

4) Obsessions

I am VERY obsessive in nature (as I am certain you could tell by now) this is a difficult one to answer.  I would say my current obsession is my nightly chats with my best online bud.  Seriously – I am not certain I could NOT chat with her.  When I am traveling and can’t talk (due to time differences and such), I swear I feel like so disconnected!  So yeah – pretty much meets criteria for obsession.    I guess my Starbuck’s lattes are too – though they are more an addiction!

5) Unusual “talents”

Hmm…I am pretty certain you could never call this an actual talent – more a stupid human trick – but here you go.  I can form my tongue into the shape of a clam.  seriously!  That and tie a stem of a cherry with it….I know DUMB.  In terms of an actual talent, I was a violist for almost 15 years – so I guess that was an actual talent

How about you guys?  Tell me some random facts about you – either in the comments section or on your own blog posts.  Just include a link so I can get to know the unusual and random side of you!


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