The revisions of Lacrimosa are complete.  YAY!!! (Yes, please scream yay with me…).  I discovered something very interesting as I went through these revisions – something I knew, but could not quantify. Until now.

I use A LOT of repeat phrases!  Things involving words scraping, breath (lots and lots of breath phrases),  clench jaws, and balled fists.  Nothing like a little angst, right?

And yeah, I know, most authors use repetitive words.  But my repeat phrases really annoyed me.  I made a list of every one as I worked on rewrites.  Then I highlighted them and got to work on figuring out different ways to say what I was trying to say.  Sometimes I deleted, recognizing how I had overwritten the phrase. Other times I rewrote.  And occasionally I kept it.

In the end, Lacrimosa is a better story for it…but the road getting there was a complete PAIN!  I need to try to be a little more conscious of these repeat phrases on my next story. 

All these repeat phrases got me thinking (always a scary thing) – what are your phrases that you tend to say a lot? The things you just can’t help saying over and over. The things that always need to get fixed during rewrites? 

Share them with me – make me feel a little less alone on this!


9 thoughts on “Echo…echo…echo.

  1. I have my characters smile. A lot. I also love eye descriptions. lol! I bet everyone has those favorite phrases.

    I’m so happy Lacrimosa is done! That is so exciting!

  2. Hooray for finishing your edits! I too have a lot of sighs and fist clenching. And mournful looks. And tear-filled eyes… Oh dear, maybe I need to go through my ms again. 🙂

  3. Congrats on finishing your edits. I can’t say what things I repeat, though I haven’t finished a complete work yet and gone back to edit 🙂 Isn’t that tool Wordle (I think I spelled it right) used for finding which words you use alot? I haven’t tried it myself, but that might help you find them.

  4. Congrats on the edit wrap-up. Yay!

    Apparently my characters have digestion issues because sick feelings are settling in their stomachs on a regular basis. 🙂

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