It’s Blog Chain time again.  It feels like forever since I have done one of these. Bonnie (BJ) started this chain with her particularly appropriate question:

What are your writing resolutions for the year 2010?

Told ya it was perfect.

So, writing goals huh…

I am a person who seldom writes goals.  Don’t get me wrong, I set goals that are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so forth.  But it has been a long time since I committed those goals to writing.  Oh, I know, you are ALWAYS supposed to commit them to writing.  But I typically don’t.  I remember them, work on them, tweek them as needed.  And I am typically pretty successful at accomplishing what I set out to do (it pays to be very stubborn sometimes).  But I don’t write them.

Until now.  Thanks to Bonnie, I’m writing down my writerly goals for 2010.

Last year I found an agent and a home for Emotionally Intense.  This year I would like to continue with my agent and find homes for the other two nonfiction projects I am working on.

In fiction-land, things are not as far a long.  As I said earlier this week, I have managed to finish a novel that I actually think could find a home in the current marketplace (I have two other shelved novels that need serious rewrites).  Now its a matter of finding a home for it.  That is my big goal this year – finding a home for my YA fiction.

As for other writerly things…

I want to attend at least one conference, maybe more.

I want to connect with a local writer’s group that actually meets in my town.

I want to work on the craft of writing by writing something everyday.  I used to do a lot of writing exercises, and it is time to get back to some of those.

I think that sums it up for me.  I have been very blessed over the course of 2009.  I hope 2010 is equally amazing!

What are your goals?  Check out Kat  who posted before me, and Sarah who posts next.

Next round, the fabulous Kate will be returning from maternity leave.  I am excited to have her back and hear all about her life.


12 thoughts on “Blog Chain Time: My goals for 2010

  1. My main writing goal is less about the writing and more about submitting out finished works. In addition to my blog, I’m working on a fantasy novel and I always have a number of short stories/creative nonfiction in various states of readiness. I plan to submit one a week out for as long as I have ones ready to go! It’s hard to get them published if I just sit on my hands.

  2. Those are awesome goals. And, I believe it’s not even a question that you’ll be successful.

    As for me? Hmm. To find an agent for Desolation, and a publisher, if it’s possible to do both in one year (there’s still time, right?) To finish at least one other fiction novel (I have a couple started and outlined.) And revise Jump Boys and get it ready for agent-shopping.

  3. Great post. Sounds like you have quite a few things to get done. I have yet to get to a conference, but maybe someday. I agree with you about the writing exercises though. I could probably use a few of these once in a while, just to challenge myself.

  4. My goals include attending the LA SCBWI conference this August. I’m also reworking my current novel after some feedback from a couple of agents who read the sample pages (and the MSFV SA contest was a wake up call). One of my crit partners told me I should really go back to my teen chick lit voice. It was the natural one for me. So I’m working on that right now. That is probably one of my bigger goals right now (other than spending more time with my family). 😀 I’ll figure out new goals after that.

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