Yeah – its back…Fiction Friday.  As I have spent most of my creative juices editing Lacrimosa and working on the nonficiton projects, little has been left over for my writing exercises.  I decided to end that in 2010 (part of my New Year’s goals)

So, without further adieu, welcome to fiction friday.  I encourage you all to play along.

The prompt came from the Write Anything blog.  The rules are simple – read the prompt, write for at least 5 minutes (I try for 15), NO EDITING, and link to the original post on their blog.  Click here for all the deets.

And – the prompt for today:

It took Edgar six months to muster the courage to ask out his dreamgirl. Their first date is almost over, and it couldn’t have gone better—until he discovers his wallet is missing. Write the scene.

I’ll post my attempt later tonight….

What about you guys?  Anyone willing to play?

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