Hi everyone – it is NICE to be back after my unplugged week.  Although I didn’t get a lot done, my muse did return and I wrote all weekend. I’ll talk more about that on Wednesday.

Today it’s all about Prophesy of the Sisters. Have you read it? If not, go get it. Not only is the subject matter great ( an angel/fallen angel story drawing on the myth of the Watchers – something near and dear to my heart since Lacrimosa is based on the same mythology), but it is written beautifully.

The story confronts our notions of good and evil and our obligations to both.  Prophesy is the first of a trilogy.  The second book, Guardian of the Gate, is due out August 2010.

Michelle Zink, Prophesy’s author, is truly a gifted writer.  She does a terrific job with the storyline, keeping everything moving forward while still building the world and characters.  Her prose is beautiful, her storyline strong, and the characters are believable.  Well done Michelle!

I am hosting an interview with Michelle Zink tomorrow, so be sure to come on back for that.

What books have you read lately?


6 thoughts on “Book Focus: Prophesy of the Sisters

  1. I just finished reading a crit partner’s new book that was FABULOUS! Like, make me want to hang up my pen good 🙂 I also just read several wonderful books that I can’t for the life of me remember their authors at the moment. And I’m getting ready to read Hush, Hush and The Lightning Thief. Very excited about both of those 😀 Oh! I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire – and I cannot WAIT for the next one! 🙂

  2. This one sounds really good to me! I’ll have to go look up the mythology of the Watchers. I’ve never heard of it, but I have a group in my books called the “Watchers” so I’m really intrigued. And wondering if I need to change the name of my group…

  3. Lets’ see..This month I read both of Anne Spollen;s books The Shape of Water and Light Beneath Ferns. The Shape of Water is very under-appreciated. It’s amazing literary YA! I interviewed Anne on my blog, so come visit. Now I am reading Magic Under Glass which is really REALLY good! Loving it. My 14 year old daughter is devouring Thirteen Reason’s Why, which I read this past summer. Great book.

    I am a huge mega-fan of the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, possibly my two faves of the past decade. (oh..that includes Harry Potter? never mind). Past two years, then.

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