OOhhhh… I just love this particular fiction friday topic.  What? You don’t know what Fiction Friday is?  Click here and check it out…

As for the topic, here you go:

Pick a book of fiction you’d never read (e.g., if you read sci-fi, pick a romance). Open to a random page and read the last couple paragraphs of the page. DO NOT TURN THE PAGE. Now continue writing the story. Feel free to change the genre as you write.

See…totally fun!  Here is my attempt.  Remember this is completely unedited and off the cuff, as it were…(and BTW, I chose the book was Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Betrayal.  Not a book I’d normally read, though within the list of genre’s I read, cause I read them all…)

“On another screen, he brought upthe personnel file and began affixing to it a string of irrefutable artifacts, including the cipher he was using to create the virus.

This done, he made hard copies of the file, put the pages in a CI dossier, locked it away. With one fingertip, he cleared the screen, brought up the program that had been patiently awaiting its birth. Exhaling a small sigh of satisfaction, he depressed the key.

The virus was activated.”

In another part of the world,  three young men dressed in the dark brown, rough robes of Franciscan monks stole across the deserted courtyard of the church.  The church was humble, at best. There was little in the way of modern comforts, let alone the computer the three sought.

That is, except for the one in the Monsignor’s office.

The monks ascended the stairs that lead to the simple office. Two stood guard while the largest of them picked the lock and entered.  “Keep watch,” he barked. Hi voice echoed off the rotting wood that surrounded the hall.  “This shouldn’t take long.”

He closed the door behind and looked around.  The office was even more simplistic than he imagined – nothing more than a simple desk and chair, a wooden shelving unit crammed full of old books and a floor lamp.  There has to me more, he thought as he walked to the desk.  He ran is fingers across the pale walls, trying to find a niche or blemish – anything to tell im there was more to the room than he sw.

Frustrated, he continued around the room, his rage building with each step. The old monk that told him of the computer had died trying to protect the secret. Surely he wasn’t lying. He couldn’t have been.

“How’s it coming?”

The question seeped through the door, fueling his rage. He refused to answer, choosing instead to search the walls one more time.  Inch by inch, his nimbly fingers combed three of the walls surrounding him. He was about to admit defeat, when is finger latched onto something it missed the first time – a barely noticeable crack in the plaster.

He ran his fingers around the crack, tracing it.  The flaw ran the length of the wall, forming a door like shape.  He ran to the desk and rummaged through the drawers, looking for something to forge into the crack.

Finding a letter opener, he ran back to wall and rammed the crack. It broke open with little force. It must have just been made.

He worked about the mark until a hole formed. He shoved hard, bursting through the thin layer of plaster.

Well, there you go…my meager attempt.  I know, not my best…but fun none the less.

Any of you participate in Fiction Friday today?



2 thoughts on “Another Attempt at Fiction Friday

  1. I found this week’s hard, but glad I did it in the end (I was tempted not to when I read it).

    I loved this; I’m so intrigued to find out more. That’s what I hate about Fiction Friday, you start reading something good, but probably will never get to find out what happened.

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