HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!  I don’t know about you guys, but I have really NEEDED Fridays of late.  Don’t get me wrong – it was a good week…amazing actually … but BUSY.

Okay, so enough about that. Time for a little randomness.

First – I won a couple of awards this last week. They brightened my day SO VERY MUCH!

The first one came from the ladies at the If You Give A Girl a Pen blog.  It is the Sunshine Award.  (Isn’t that just the best name ev.er).  Apparently this is given when a blog brings a little sunshine. I love that!  And I am supposed to give it to 12 blogs…the problem is…I can’t choose (I know it’s a cop-out – but it really has been a ROUGH week).  So, anyone who comments on my blog can rightfully claim this award – cuz yeah…you all bring rays of sunshine to me everyday!

Now, this award was given by Stina Lindenblatt.  She rawks – she stops by and makes me happy with every comment – I should give her this one!!!  Since I gave this one out to a bunch of folks already, here’s what I’m gonna do with it…anyone following my blog gets to claim it. Because, really, you make me HAPPY every day!

Okay – next on the random list….BOOK TOURS/SIGNINGS

On Weds I got to do my fav thing…hang out and watch writers interact with readers. Lisa McMann and Becca Fitzpatrick did a signing at a B&N near me. They are such AWESOME ladies – really.  They looked like they had fun together, made every single reader feel amazing and took the time to really connect with the people who came to see them.

More impressive to me…Lisa REMEMBERED my kids from the last book signing we attended – NOW THAT JUST RAWKS~( how many more times am I going to use that tonight….)!  I want to be just like that when my books are published. Oh…and Lisa is having an awesome contest on her website for kids 14 – 18 …check it out.

Let’s see – what else…I think that is all I’ll bore you guys with this weekend.  I am continuing to pull back a bit from blogging for very awesome reasons – just none I can talk about yet. But I’ll be here as often as I can!

What about you guys…what have you all been up to???


2 thoughts on “Awards, book tours and other randomness

  1. You met Lisa and Becca! I’m so jealous. I rushed out to buy GONE last weekend. Okay, it technically wasn’t on the shelves yet, but I got it anyhow.

    What else did I do this week? I rushed back to the bookstore to buy Some Girls Do after Lisa & Laura highly recommended it. I loved it so much, I rushed out to buy Courtney Summer’s other book–Cracked Up To Be. So basically I did a lot of rushing and reading this week. 🙂

  2. Still revising and attempting (miserably, I might add) to write a query! 😀 Very good thing to learn though.

    I’m glad things are going so well for you! Yea for weekends to relax! Congrats on your well-deserved awards. You do bring a lot of sunshine and happiness! You rawk as well!

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