So, here I sit…a LARGE stack of 3×5 cards in hand staring at my computer screen.  Each card a different scene.  See, I decided that in order to rearrange a few things in the novel I am revising, I needed to “see” it more clearly. MAN OH MAN….writing those cards was the biggest help ever!

How, you ask…

Well, first – I realized the story wasn’t that bad. There is a lot more that is “right” with it than wrong.  Second, I could see the errors in the plot development and move them around really easily.

But, it has left me with a fist full of cards, about 8K deleted and many many holes….

So, while I muddle through and work on this, I will be unplugging a bit.

I’ll be sure to stop by from time to time…because, to be honest, I NEED you guys as much as air! 

See ya soon!


4 thoughts on “Revising and other busy things…

  1. Index cards–brilliant! You know, Vladimir Nobokov used ’em too! (Of course, I’m sure a lot of people do, LOL!) Anyway, an incomplete work of his was published in 2009 and the book actually has cut-out copies of his index card notes! Here’s the link to Wikipedia:

    Best of luck on revisions! It’s hard at first, but once something clicks, it’ll go smoothly. 🙂

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