Okay, so I was chatting with my bud the other night (yeah, I know, I know…I chat with her every night) and she was teasing my about the 7 circles of hell I like to call REVISIONS.

See, I love writing. And sure, there is an aspect of revising I actually like…but really, after I have read the same chapter a million times and STILL find things I want to change…it begins to get a bit old, you know?

Anyways, our little chat made me think about what has actually gone into these revisions o far…the planning, the process, etc.

Now, I blogged about this last week (click here), told you about my 3×5 cards, etc.  For this post I thought I would show you exactly what I have been up to.

So, here we have the cards…and yes I wrote 1 scene on each one and played around with the order of things.

For this round of revisions I was focusing in on character voice and the plot line.

So, of course I have cards that deal with that…

Then, I have my cue cards – reminders of what I am trying to accomplish. Things like “depth”, or “streamline” – just one word phrases to keep me focused.

I also have a plot line and time line – cuz dude, when I moved around scenes and changed things, I felt like a had a serious train wreck on my hands. Being a visual person, I need to fix everything…and the timeline totally helped with that.

Obviously, me and my 3×5 cards have been having a blast (insert heavy sarcasm).

You can see here, that everything is all in piles around my desk..reminders of what I am specifically working on at all times.

So, after I descend into my cave, pull out my cards, and work, how do I keep myself from going nuts.

That’s where my supplies come in….

*** PANDORA (A life saver…seriously)

***My starbucks and my water (No matter which cave I hide in, I must have both)

I used to eat sweets…dark chocolate in particular…but I gave it up (photo shoot coming up – need to drop some poundage and all) .  So now it is just me, my water and my starbucks to get through the hours that I revise.

And yes…I did say HOURS.

The end result…hopefully a revised manuscript my agent and I LOVE!

What is your process like? Please share…I am desperate for the diversion!


6 thoughts on “Revision Fun…Huh???

  1. Ha ha ha! First let me say that if you think that desk is messy, like at all, you’ve got another thing coming. You haven’t seen mess, my friend. Second, your process is working for you — so don’t abandon it! Embrace it! *hugs*

  2. Aaaahhh revisions. They’re like looking through a messy closet for little pieces of a big puzzle before you can put it together.

    I don’t mind it. The only thing I don’t like is not being able to tell, after a certain period of revising and revising, if the scene is as stale as I — the writer — feels it has become.

    I free-write my rough drafts. (If I ever die an untimely death, someone please delete everything on my computer marked DRAFT.)

    Afterward, I go back and rebuild the story scene by scene. When I get stuck or something becomes stale, I move on to another part of the story until I feel the urge to revisit.

    Does that make sense?

  3. My process is basically going over my manuscript, then over it again, then over it again, then letting people read it, then fix their changes, then go over it again. Repeat until insane :).

    I like your process better, and am totally going to steal your timeline/plotline cards idea! I love it!

    Also, guess who’s 1/3 of the way through the file you sent me and loving it??? (hint: it’s me!)

  4. Have you read Revision & Self-Editing? By James Scott Bell. This book is AMAZING!!!! It has actually made revision time more easy for me.

    I am doing several posts on it over at my blog.

    And there is no EASY answer. Ahhh, the life of a writer. *sigh*

    Good luck anyway. I query agents in a week and a half. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY. ‘Bout time, I say.

    1. I have read that book – and it is good. Good luck with the query hunt. I’d love to say it gets easier after that…but nope, just different *wink*

  5. Good girl for drinking water! I should but I don’t. Yep, Diet Coke for me.

    I use Manuscript Makeover to help me with the editing process. I don’t use notecards, but I jot down notes on the computer.

    Fortunately I love to do it because I’m at it again after getting agent feedback. Unfortunately it was on something my critters didn’t notice and I’m not sure how to fix. So I signed up for a Writer’s Digest workshop with Gloria Klempton (writing for YA). Hopefully that will help. I was lucky that the agent really like my story concept and told me not to give up on it. Plus she wants me to requery her once I’ve finished the workshop and have dealt with the issue.

    Hopefully your revision process goes a lot smoother than mine, Christine. 😉

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