Confidence!  That is right…Confidence is something I really really struggle with. Some days are easy. My friend Confidence greets me in the morning, sips lattes with me before work, encourages me at lunch, and laughs by my side while we watch a little reality TV.

Other days, Confidence is no where to be found. I call her, text her, gmail her…and NOTHING.

Worse, Confidence can be a real tease….encouraging me until I reluctantly decide she is right…only to disappear.

Yep – Fickle!!!

Any of you have that same problem with Confidence? Figure out any great solutions?


14 thoughts on “My Fickle Friend…

  1. Hmm… I wish I had the solution, but confidence is a constant struggle for me. I don’t think we’re even fickle friends. More like casual acquaintances.

    But you should be confident because you are talented and kind and a great friend!

  2. It’s funny: If I rate my own confidence, I’d probably pick a relatively low number. Others, however, say they think I’m very confident. I need to reconcile those two ideas and OWN. IT. 🙂

    Yes, confidence waxes and wanes. At the same time, it allows us to exact some mastery over the world we live in. Without it, we’d all be hermits. 😉

    My solution to confidence: Keep trying. Learn from mistakes. AND: (as radical as it sounds) TREASURE mistakes. They’ve opened up more doors for me than I can count.

  3. I feel you on this! It’s so hard sometimes to keep going. I just sent you an email, but I find that I have to fall back on faith, and then I can find the peace I seek. And that usually brings confidence too. *hugs*

  4. Wow, this is a day long topic. Confidence is a constant problem for me, and here I thought I had conquered it after being in the military. I don’t have any good ideas, other than remembering to celebrate your successes every single time you have them. Even the little things, like remembering to write every day. It’s a small thing, but it’s one more way we improve as writers, and then we have something to be confident about.

  5. Hugs always help, as do writer buddies :)! Seriously, it’s difficult. However, I’d rather be someone always striving to learn and improve, than someone blissfully ignorant and confident.

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