Revisions take a long time. No, let me rephrase that. Revisions take me forever.

Of course, rough drafts take me a really long time too – so maybe I am just a slow, methodical writer. Which is okay, right? Right.

I work in baby steps. And I stew…a lot. Hours. Days. Months.

This is true in the initial writing. And in the rewrites. I think it is just how my brain works.

LACRIMOSA’s revisions are just the same – a slow and laborious process. But one I am happy to be making. The results are good – the words, shiny. The plot, stronger. The characters, deep. All good things.

I just have to remember the journey getting it to this point is one I have had to make in baby steps…and that is totally fine. This is not a race. As long as I keep making forward progress, the story will eventually get finished.

And with any luck, you guys may get to read it one day!

What is your writing process like? Full of baby steps? Or long leaps?


10 thoughts on “Baby steps…

  1. Mostly baby steps, unless I get some serious interruption-free time to write. And because I need a new laptop battery that doesn’t run out of juice after 5 minutes…then I will be outside in the spring air, writing away!

  2. I’m the same way. I can write a first draft of a novel in, literally, a month. But when it comes to revising it from it’s unreadable mess, now that takes me anywhere from six months and up.

  3. I’ve noticed before that we seem to have similar writing methods–slow first draft, slow revisions. I also have a hunch that your first drafts are more like mine, pretty clean with the focus being on plot points rather than making the writing pretty.

  4. Baby steps are a good way to describe it. Or maybe turtle steps… haha! Progress is progress no matter how small and slow the steps though!

    And I can’t wait to read Lacrimosa!

  5. I’m like a spurter. Sometimes I go full force and write tons and tons. Other times I can’t get a single word down. So I go in spurts. I’ve been in an off-spurt for a while, so I just know I’m going to be gushing soon. I hope.

  6. Baby steps! That’s why it takes me so long to finish working on a book. I know one writer who started writing novels in September, has written five, and the last one landed her an agent. But I don’t mind because I don’t want to rush. I want to savior my characters and my story. And when I’m done savioring them, I’m ready for something new. 😉

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