I had a wonderful surprise while I was gone. Lizzy Mason gave me the Creative Writer’s Award. It absolutely made my day. It is designed to be given to bloggers that represent what it means to be a writer. Lizzy gave it to me and four others as a gesture of thanks for the support we have given her. Along those same lines, I have a few people I need to give it to – people who helped me through a very dark time recently…people who inspire me daily!

This award has no strings…post it, pass it along, whatever. Just know, that I give it with my deepest appreciation. ( And this is not an exhaustive list…just a few of the people whose support truly provided the oxygen I needed to get through the last two weeks)

  1. Michelle Mclean – Your daily (heck, hourly sometimes) phone calls keep me sane – well as sane as I could be at the time *wink*
  2. Julie Butcher Fedynich – Your tweets and emails kept me focused on the right things
  3. Danyelle Leafty – your *cookies* are an inspiration like none other

Thanks guys…you will never know how much you helped over the past couple of weeks.

Now – one more piece of business. I am really trying to get back to stretching my writing muscles a bit – at least with shorter pieces. So, I will be doing another round of Fiction Friday this week. Why not join me?


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