Time for another round of Fiction Friday, courtesy of Write Anything. This weeks topic:

The keys opened every door in the house, except the small wooden door at the end of the hall…

Now, remember the rules…write for at least 5 minutes…and NO EDITING!

Here’s my contribution:

The keys opened every door in the house. That is , everyone except the one she needed to go through. The one that held the screams that tormented her nightly. The one her sister went through. The small wooden one at the end of the hall.

She tried the lock again, turning the master key until she felt it begin to break. With a snap, the key broken inside the lock. “Dangit,” she huffed under her breath. No point trying now, not with the lock broken.

Her sister already warned her not to follow. Told her there would be serious consequences if she even tried. But Janie was stubborn.

Very stubborn.

She shuffled back to her room, desperate for another plan. There was no way she was going through another night filled with screams – screams that came from the other side of the door. Screams that belonged to her sister.

Janie thought of her sister, the closeness they once shared. Everything was different now. Since they moved into the house. Since her sister discovered the door.

It started as just a little thing – a mystery both girls would try to solve. They made up stories about the small door and the path that lied behind it – a path to adventure, excitement, their dreams. Janie plotted with her sister – devised plan after plan to break through to the world beyond the door. They planned every detail of the adventure. It was perfect.

Until her sister decided to try the plan alone.

And left Janie behind.

Somehow she got through the door. Found a distant world.

At first she only traveled when Janie slept. She told Janie to stay away. Told her that the new world was frightening. Terrifying.

Within a week, Janie’s sister stopped coming back at all. And every night Janie was left with only the screams that no one seemed to hear but her.


Alright, that is it for now…though I have to admit, I have an interesting story brewing now. May have to revisit this one at some point.

But not today – today I am going to go play in the warm sun. See you guys next week!

Did you play? Leave me the link…I would love to read someone else’s story. Oh! And come back next week when my blog chain buds and I resurrect our monthly creative writing prompt.

March’s topic – GREEN!





8 thoughts on “Fiction Friday time

  1. The kernel of a good story has been planted here and suggests a number of possibilities that are both creepy and adventurous. Could also be a deep exploration of the girls’ relationship. Look forward to a completion.

  2. Great opening! Definitely intriguing with its inherent sense of danger and mystery. Why, oh why, doesn’t she have a key to one the door we care about getting through? The suspense is killing me! 😉

    1. you guys are just awesome…this opening has been brewing and stewing since I wrote it..I think there is a story here waiting to come out…

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