Yep, that’s what the first couple of weeks felt like this month – millions of balls in the air, and me…dropping all of them.

So, what happens when you take on more than you can handle? How do you figure out your own sense of balance before you become fried? These are questions I’ve had to really struggle through over the course of 2010.

You see, I tend to be a bit driven (shocking, I know). Now, being driven is not a bad thing – it allows me to get more done in a day than many people get done in a week. But there are definite draw backs…

First, I tend to take on WAY TOO MUCH. I throw too many balls in the air at once, and then proceed to start to drop them. I have no one to blame for this but me! And when it happens, I always have to step back and figure out how to get myself back in balance – cut back on the number of things I am trying to juggle, keeping in mind my priorities.

Which brings me to number two…priorities. This is the key to everything for me. If I remember to make decisions (what will get done, what won’t – that sort of thing) based on my priorities – family and faith, writing goals, day job…that kind of thing – I do much better at keeping perspective and keeping those pesky balls in the air.

And I guess, that is my goal…to both learn to maintain my balance in the face of adversity and stress, and to give myself a break when I can’t. Admittedly, that is my biggest struggle.

But hey, we’re all human right…those balls ARE going to come crashing down from time to time. I just need to remember to pick them up and keep going.

What do you guys do?


12 thoughts on “And it all came falling down…

  1. Christine, I think we were cut from the same cloth. It’s so hard to keep everything balanced, especially when we’re being pulled in different directions–family, friends, writing, other interests–and you’re so right that it’s about keeping perspective and priorities straight. Nice post!

  2. I’m gonna call on the stars here (the ones in the sky, not Hollywood, b/c I think it’s sort of humorous). As a Libra, I have a tendency to do a great flurry of work for a certain period of time, then I just stop. Seriously, I. Just. Stop. Nothing can move me. (Not even Cadbury eggs. ;))Okay, so really, I think it’s my personality and not the postition of the stars that influence this, but anyway…

    I think I’m in that slump now as far as my MS goes. I have an idea of what needs to be changed, but I’m not sure how to do it, so rather than frustrate myself, I’m taking a break. For me, frustration leads to low self-esteem, so I’m letting it go. For a while. I WILL get back to it–when the time is right.

    Luckily, I’ve been able to maintain other activities (got my fingers crossed that a REAL slump isn’t on its way, however, with spring coming, I may just get lucky, LOL!)–blogging, reading, hanging out with friends and family. These things get neglected when I’m super-intensely-focused on my WIP.

    I guess the point of this ramble is that, yes, BALANCE IS KEY.

    Thanks for sharing, Christine! 😉

  3. Sometimes you just have to say “no” to taking on to new things. Sometimes you have to let things slide or let someone else handle them, even if he/she doesn’t do it your way. And sometimes you just have to put yourself first. :hug:

  4. I recently turned down an opportunity that would have looked really good on a resume because I knew it would be one too many balls in the air for me.

    It took a lot of time and prayer for me to make that decision because it was something I’d have loved to do, but I knew it wasn’t the right time for me.

    I hope I don’t end up kicking myself for it in the long run. There’s always regret.

    Glad you’re working through it all!

  5. Christine, when things get hectic for me and my husband, we make lists of issues and errands and then prioritize according to importance and schedule. When it is emotional crap I actually take it out on my dartboard.

  6. “Look at all those pretty balls” I say as they come crashing down on my head. Yeah, we’re all human… And saying no is really hard! But it is important to rest and take care of ourselves so that we’re refreshed enough to get those balls back up in the air.

  7. Ah, yes. My balls have all dropped. I’m posting about this tomorrow!

    But I think there’s something in this post that you should reconsider. And it’s picking all those balls up and keep going. Sometimes I think we should leave some (if not all) of the balls on the ground for a while. Or indefinitely. That way, the ones you do pick up will get the attention they need.

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