First of all…YES, I KNOW IT’S THURSDAY!!!

But, I LOVE my friday night confessions! Sadly, I am out-of-town tomorrow…so yeah…no FNC-latte-revision-crazy chat tomorrow night. Seriously, I may go through withdrawals!!!

Oh well…I found a solution – I’ll share my confession with all of you  guys instead – a group chat…

I am so intimidated by some of the amazing authors I find myself surrounded by. Seriously….I mean, between the amazing book deals (think Beth and Leah), the amazing crew of the YARebels, the query ninja herself with her amazing good advice and incredible stories (yep, that’s you Elana), and too many others to count….



You want to know a sekrit about all of them…

Come on, you KNOW you do!

THEY ARE JUST REGULAR PEOPLE!  Yep, it’s true. They are. (and yeah, Elana helped me learn this one during a very recent FNC)

They are also some of the hardest working people I know (which is why they are so successful). I truly consider myself so lucky to be around them, learning everything I can.

So…what’s your confession for the day. Lay it on me…I’ll need some good reading this weekend!

As for me…I am out of town Friday, and hanging out with some new writerly friends on Saturday. Fun!!!(Oh, and one more confession…I am so nervous to meet them :D)


13 thoughts on “Friday Confession Time….

  1. Um, *raises hand sheepishly*, I feel the same way. Yup. I’m intimidated by all y’all’s. BUT I think y’all are an awesome group of people too! AND I hope to one day join your ranks! 😉 Hopefully, I gots what it takes. LOL!

  2. The best part has been watching everyone develop as writers over time on their blog. It really gives me hope for my own abilities.

    Great post!:-)

  3. It’s totally true, people. We’re all human here! Excellent confession. But now I have a panic moment — who am I going to confess to tomorrow night??? Ack!

  4. Oh gosh, I’m so glad to hear that, Christine. I’ve been following all of you for a while (on blogs, FB and Twitter) and I don’t even have an agent yet. I’m soaking up all the info you all care to share, and learning and applying and I, too, hope to join your ranks one day. Where I will still probably be intimidated by everyone else.

    So, thanks for sharing! And have fun out of town!

    1. thanks vicki! and yeah… I don’t know that my intimidation thingy has every gone away all together…just changes

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