It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not!

– Unknown

This quote totally made me think about my focus this week – walking through fear, dealing with the issues that have come up with revisions, etc. I mean, really, aren’t we all only tethered by our own minds? 

But that is not my focus today…

Today, I’m reporting a little progress on my revisions.  See, I am knee-deep in revisions on LACRIMOSA. Okay, maybe thigh-deep. In all honesty, I walked away from them a bit while I dealt with  few “issues” I was having with the revisions – but that is a post for another day.

This is about progress.

That’s right…progress.

I have now managed to hit the 65% mark!!! WOO HOO!!!

And more importantly, based on the feedback from my beta readers, I am managing to hit my goals with this revise. Always a good thing.

My new goal…finished with this round in the next couple of weeks. Can I make it?

I think so.

So, do you guys set mini goals when revising – things you are working on, deadlines, that sort of thing?


10 thoughts on “Progress is progress…right?

  1. Yes you can make it!! Love the quote.

    I’m always reminding myself that my personal progress is different than it is for others. For example, my goal for this Spring Break is to get 0% done on my WiP. So far so good- whoo hoo!!

    (very challenging for me, but I’m sure the kids appreciate it)

  2. I try and set mini goals – I don’t always achieve them LOL but I do try. But the mini goals are easier to reach and don’t seem as overwhelming as the whole big picture, so I like them better 😀

    Awesome quote!

  3. I sometimes set deadlines. Not always. But if I’m having trouble with a scene or something, I’ll set aside a day to work on it, with the goal to finish that particular part. Really, it’s only on those specific scenes that I have trouble with that I bother to set a deadline.

  4. Are you kidding? I set mini goals just to get through the day.:-)

    I have a notepad on my desk that has every excrutiating thing I need to accomplish before the end of the day. If I didn’t, I’d never accomplish any of my goals.

  5. Excellent post, Christine. Yay you for your progress! I had a daily goal of 1000 words, and would push to meet it (for some reason, about once a week I’d totally overshoot and hit 3000!) But now I am FITH – Filling In The Holes – and so a wordcount doesn’t really apply.

    I LOVE the quote, thank you for sharing it!

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