Hey guys – I had so much fun making the vlog, I decided to make another one! But, I need your help with it. It’s going to be a Q&A kind of thing. So what I need is this…

What questions do you have?  It can be personal, professional, writing related, whatever….Just leave it in the comments, or email me, and I will add it to the list!

Thanks for your help.


10 thoughts on “Questions…Questions…

  1. Well I’m new around these here parts so I don’t know eveything you’ve blogged about. But I am curious about your day job. I am a former special ed. teacher. I worked with behaviorally and emotionally challenged kids in a self-contained classroom, until I went bat-shit crazy and got the hell out of there. Just kidding…kinda. But I also worked with the gifted as well –and it can be a fine line, no(so now I’m off to read more about your book)? But I can ask you about it on Twitter or something. Take care!

    1. Ahh…great question! And crazy does sum it up…but more later, for the blog. And I’ll be doing a similar q&A on the Growing Up Gifted blog in a few weeks.

  2. Okay, I’ll submit a few questions (just to make you work hard on this vlog thing LOL).

    What is your favorite time to write?

    Do you write by hand (i.e. pencil/pen and paper), bang away on a typewriter, or use a computer?

    If you could stay home and write all the time, how many hours do you think you could seriously devote to it and why?

    What is your greatest fear about writing (i.e. criticism, poor writing, failing, etc)?

    Okay, I’ve punished you enough with these. I hope you have fun with it 🙂

  3. Hi Christine!

    What’s your take on platform building, for nonfiction vs fiction?

    When writing YA, how do you balance your values as a mom with some of the edgier things that can occur in YA?

    Thanks for doing this!

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