Alright…remember when I said I was having some issues about my revisions on A Beautiful Mess (yep, Lacrimosa has finally been retitled). Well, they were big issues. Ones that tapped into some fear stuff (thus Tuesday’s post), as well as today’s topic.


See, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the most amazing talent ever. Seriously. Authors (published and not), Writers (on the road to publication), and amazing readers. This collection of people have enabled me to grow in this business – a lot.

They’ve helped my find my voice, hone my craft, develop myself as an author.

And they have, unknowingly, forced me to deal with some serious inner demons.

Including the one involving…


That’s right…TRUST.

We, as writers, rely on other people’s feedback and opinion of our work. And we should…we need a change of perspective periodically.

But, in listening to others, we forget to trust ourselves. Our voice. Our opinions.

And most importantly – We forget to TRUST that we CAN DO THIS!!!

Whether we are at the stage of crafting a novel, finding an agent, finding a publisher, or marketing our book…


Because you know what – if we are persistent in our pursuit of this dream…we will meet our goals! Sooner or later.

What do you think? Do you trust that you can do this???

And BTW…I just finished revisions at 11pm last night (at least for this round)!  I guess it’s time to pull out one of the new ideas…Hmmm.

Have a great weekend everyone.


10 thoughts on “Learning to trust yourself

  1. Woot! Congrats on finishing revisions!!!!

    TRUST is super big. Time and time again, I remind myself to go with my gut. Besides the fact that I’m usually hungry *snorted at own crappy joke* my instinct is *usually* right on when it comes to things that need to be fixed/changed/reworked in my MS.

    Of course, being brave enough to actually follow through with those changes is probably another post altogether, LOL!

    Kudos to you for finding your trust. 😉

  2. Congratulations on finishing your revision, I’m still working hard on mine…
    I hope, no wait, I TRUST, that I’ll get there someday… 🙂

  3. Oh, yes. This is a hard one. Not only to trust your readers, but to trust yourself. Trust that you can learn what you need to. Trust that you can make it better, go the distance, whatever other cheesy Disney line you can think of. 😉

    And I’m glad you’ve found that trust!

  4. Oh yes, I know about this one. Remembering to trust my own voice means listening to myself and not others. That’s one thing about blogging that can difficult…for me in any case. In reading all these wonderful blogs one can lose ones way, ones own voice can be lost amid the noise of other voices.

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