Today’s post features my fav teen readers on the planet. I call them “The Think Tank” and they are, quite literally, a think tank. They help when I need teen “research”, they read for me, help me with titles, help with…well…everything.

And not just me – they help their teachers, their parents, the community in the same way. Just a great group of kids.

So, when I needed to do a little research for this week’s posts, what did I do?  I went to The Think Tank (TTT), of course.

And here is the result…advice from teens.

(A little demographic info – this is a mixed group of 10 kids (male and female) aged 13 – 15 with diverse taste in books. They read 30 to 100+ books a year. Two also write their own works, and four have participated NaNoWriMo for multiple years).

CF: What kind of books do you guys like to read?

TTT:  All kinds of supernatural books (vampires, faeries, werewolves,etc), contemporary (but not too explicit), mysteries, and of course, romance.

CF: Are you guys strictly into YA, or do you read Adult? And if you have a preference, why?

TTT: We’re pretty split on this. Those of us who like YA (7 of them) like it because of the pacing, the mystery, and the hot guys ( or girls, one guy reminds us) in the stories. For the adult lit. lovers amongst us, we like adult for the depth. Also, adult mysteries are less predictable. The plot seems too…IDK…ordinary and predictable in YA.

***(note to self…make current WiP more mysterious)

CF: What draws you to books in the bookstore or library?

TTT: Seriously…do  you even need to ask? COVERS! After that, we look at the title and the blurb. If it’s still hold our interest, then we read the first page. If we STILL like it, we buy it. Pretty simple, really.

***(See, all that title, cover, first page stuff we hear is true!)

I’ll bring you a little more from the think tank later this week. For now, I want to hear from you guys – what compels you to buy a new book?

12 thoughts on “Teen readers speak out

  1. Oye, see, this is where my first page angst comes from 😀 And no fair on the covers!!…ok, I do it too, but that isn’t something authors can control 😦 But, since I can control the rest, guess I better get crackin on that first page 😀

  2. I’m totally a cover girl too. Glad it’s not just me.

    What did they mean by ‘explicit’?

    Interesting tidbit about the mystery. Apparently they’re a lot smarter than me because I rarely see it coming. Hopefully I’ve made my less predictable than the masses. 🙂

    Great post, Christine!

    1. They are a crazy smart group…so yeah, keep that in mind *wink*. And “explicit” varied by reader – some had not problem with dark, edgy issues that come up in YA; some prefered to avoid that…all said if you go dark or edgy, it should have a purpose.

  3. Loved hearing from the Think Tank!

    What grabs my interest if I don’t already know the author, is the title, then I might read a sentence or two of the blurb (I don’t like to read it all b/c sometimes it spoils the book), and then the opening of the book. If I’m still not sure, I’ll open it to random pages and read a sentence here and there.

  4. I’m a buzz junkie. If I see a title or an author a lot in the blogosphere, I definitely check to see if we have it in the library. Or if a lot of patrons at the library are reading and recommending a book to me, I’ll check it out. I don’t buy many books for myself, unless they’re ones I know I’ll read again and again.

  5. I’m actually scared that it’s the cover that makes them buy the book! But you know what? Covers mean a lot to me too! I love how you have TTT. I need one of those, I think.

  6. Titles! I always read titles before paying attention to the cover. I suppose that’s because I’m terrible at coming up with titles, so great titles impress me! Then I read the back of the book or inside cover; if that’s all good, I buy!

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