Yep, I have a teen at home (and yeah, it makes it much easier to find teen readers with her around!) – and yea, she is a member of TTT. We talk about a lot of things, my teen and I – including books.

Mom: So, did you finish the book yet?

The Teen: Duh. What do you think? It HAS been a day, you know.

Mom: Did you like it?

The Teen: It was…(dramatic pause)…okay. The mc didn’t seem, IDK, relevant.

Mom: Hmm, what do you mean “relevant”? (Good time for research…)

The Teen: You know, relevant.

Mom: (WOW, clears that right up). Like, you couldn’t relate, connect?

The Teen: Yeah…relevant.

Mom: So, would you recommend it?

The Teen: Oh, I’d still recommend it. But it’s no (INSERT NAME OF A GOOD FRIEND’S UNPUBED BOOK). Seriously – that one RAWKS! When is she getting it pubed? My friends are waiting to read it.

Mom: (note to self, email friend and let her know)…So, what made that story better?

The Teen: Duh (she really uses that word a lot) – relevance. I could totally connect with the mc. (yep, bet she could…that character is a bit snarky, just like my teen)

Mom: So, what are you reading next?

The Teen: (Silence…she has already found another book and walked away.)

Ahh…teenagers. They ARE fun!

The moral of the story: YA readers want to connect to the characters.



11 thoughts on “Conversations with THE teenager

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing at this conversation. Great exercise in writing YA dialogue. My kids don’t shut up, even to take a breath, but they’re all ten and under. I know the talking part is going to change in a few years. Then I’ll be sweating to get them to talk. (note to self, enjoying listening to them now while I still can)

    Great post, Christine!

  2. This reminds me of when my friend’s daughter read my manuscript. Try as I might, I couldn’t get any specific feedback! But in light of what is popular with teen readers, connecting with a character makes sense.

  3. I am cracking up so much at this. My teenager is so close to this, it’s really not funny. He was irritated though that Shaun’s book isn’t out yet. He issued the teenager ultimatum that we HAVE to buy it. Great post.

    1. Delaney! A member of the TTT herself….love that you found your way here. It IS funny, isn’t it! 😀

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