I can’t believe April is over…can YOU??? Well, May is upon us – time for flowers, warm weather and a hint of summer. Yep, everything I love.

To start off the awesomeness that is May, I am participating in the newest brain child of Elana Johnson’s – the Spreading the Awesome tribute to fantastic books deserving of “10-stars” or more on May 3rd. This is an EPIC tribute to the authors we love. Be sure to stop by and check it out. I’ll be giving away some books (yes, I said books plural). For a look at the list of bloggers participating, click here.

But that isn’t all…I am also hosting a contest in May to celebrate…well, just to celebrate feeling better, I guess. More on that later! But it involves commenting, signing up for a newsletter, and just being you!

I’m also giving away awards…tons. I have received a few of late and it’s time to spread the love, right?

Okay – now for the actual post for today..training (or something like that).

I went to the Dr. yesterday (unrelated to all things anemic!) –  a followup on a problem I’ve ben having with my knee. The appointment was good (my knee is healed), sad (I need to chill on the running and take up cycling instead), and interesting. The Dr and I were talking about the reality that I have a few pounds to lose (maybe more than a “few” pounds). He said to thinking of it as “training” for something, not losing weight.



Of course, my mind went straight to writing…and the fact that if you are serious about your craft you find a way to write everyday (My grandfather used to say “writer’s write – daily.”). But, doing anything regularly can make it a chore…something less than inspiring.

But, when I think of it as training for something…when I set little goals that I can measure – a word count, a contest I want to enter – this becomes a tad easier for me.

So, I am “training” to be a writer. Not sure what my first goal is…probably a time frame regarding my current WiP…either way, I am “In TRAINING!” (Think I need a t-shirt or something…)

What about you? What are you in training for?


11 thoughts on “Where in I talk about May, contests, and training for…something.

  1. I’m in training to be tall and thin in my next life. 😉

    Getting back to writing, I’m taking some time off from my novel before the next round of edits. I’m writing a short story in the meantime. I don’t think of the actual writing as training though, because that’s the main event. Perhaps you could say that each draft of a story is training for the next, though.

  2. I am in training to be a good example for my daughter by being healthier and to actually do what I was meant to do: write!

    I just finished Stephen King’s “On Writing.” He says he writes at least 2,000 words every day and encourages anyone who wants to get serious about their writing to do the same. He suggests that if we are not already in the habit, that we start smaller–much like physical training. He suggested 1,000 words/day would be acceptable in the beginning–and even allows us to take ONE day off per week–but only ONE.

    In his book, he also writes about how he goes on four mile walks every day.

    This is what I intend to do: Beginning tomorrow–which also happens to be the first day of a new month, I am going to get up early and walk from my house to Harveston Lake and back. I plan on doing this every day–perhaps taking one day off per week. This is about 3 miles depending on the route I choose.
    After my shower and breakfast, I am going to write those 1,000 words (or more). I guess you’ll just have to keep asking me if I’m keeping up on it…..

  3. I’m training to be a better writer. This is the last week of the writer’s workshop of I’ve been taking (I was in two at the same time at one point). They’ve really helped me. Yay!

    I run, but I’ve never trained for any races. I probably should since I’m pretty fast.

    I’m looking forward to Monday. 😀

  4. Oh, I love thinking of writing as training. That’s the perfect analogy. The hardest thing for me is when we have a couple of chapters aren’t working and I’m not quite sure how to fix them. That’s when I start procrastinating….

    But now I’ll look at it like a hurdle. Got to push through that last mile if I want to be ready for the marathon, right?

  5. Love how you think! Happy training this month. Me too on that. Between that and the treadmill-I should be in pretty good shape end of May.

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